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No More Discharging Problems

STAG AG, with its head office in Maienfeld, Switzerland, launched its 'Silex' silo discharging system in 1996, an innovation in silo technology, and thus established new standards. Now its latest generation has been able to be implemented in a practical test.

In everyday use, it is often noticed that even slanting of the silo's walls of 60° (from the horizontal) was insufficient to guarantee complete and trouble-free emptying, particularly of fine-grained or fibrous bulk materials. For these applications the silo's geometry has to be adapted to the product to be stored or it has to be fitted with an applicable discharging system.

Our 'Silex' mechanical discharging system guarantees an astounding performance in the avoidance of bridging, yet with low power requirement. Our system works by using an oscillating rotating ring, driven by hydraulic, pneumatic or electrical means. The drive achieves a rotation of the ring through 77°. Tilting rods are fitted to the rotating ring in such a way that they run parallel to the cone's wall inside the silo. The rotary movement enables the tilting rods to scrape the whole of the cone's volume and concentrating on the areas where compactions or bridging occurs. By means of this oscillating movement, loosening of compacted bulk material is guaranteed without any major energy consumption. The turning gear actuates at approximately 2-3 cycles per minute (2-3 times back and forth). Our system wins over customers thanks to its following advantages:

• Low power consumption and yet very effective (covers the whole volume of the cone)
• Can be employed for practically all viscous bulk materials.
• Complete mass flow with no dead zones and no bridging
• Specific application of force to points where bulk material compactions are present
• Careful treatment of material to be discharged
• Can be fitted or retro-fitted to practically any silo, filtration hopper or container without costly structural or static work, since the forces involved are very small and installation is flexible.
• Minimal energy consumption
• Low maintenance costs
• Low overall height

Success is revealed in practical application. Thus Clariant (Schweiz) AG in Basle was able to solve a problem they had had for many years. STAG's 'SiLex' is employed there in a 5m3 container with bulk material characteristics that are constantly changing. Mr H.P. Leiser from Clariant declares: "This advance has resolved at a stroke our discharging problems during equipping of our compactor. We can certainly pass on a recommendation for the STAG 'SiLex', based on our success!"

Similar pleasure is shown at ERZ in Zürich. Here our SiLex is employed in an ash silo with a volume of 200 m3. Workers at ERZ (Entsorgung & Recycling Zürich): "So far we have had absolutely no discharge problems to report. The system operates very reliably."

Further successes were able to be achieved at STAG's Testing Centre in the field of building materials. Plasters and fluidized screeds were able to be discharged without any problems. Troublesome difficulties discharging and demixing in building site silos are now a thing of the past. Ongoing field trials will provide proof of this.

These examples show that: The SiLex is a very effective and economical discharging aid both for new builds and for retro-fitting to storage containers.

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