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With more than 50 years of separation technology experience, Sweco serves the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, paper and many other industries with a complete line of separation, sizing and milling equipment. Headquartered in USA, Sweco’s global operations and sales offices provide customer service anywhere in the world.

As a world leader in separation technology, we introduce a full line of gyratory sifters used for high capacity, dry screening in industrial, recycling and agricultural markets. The new rectangular separators are designed for high-volume, dry applications requiring larger screen surface areas.

The GyraMax units (exhibited on our Stand 527, Hall 9) feature a unique, center-mounted vibratory drive system that produces uniform gyratory motion across the entire length of the screen deck with adjustable speed and stroke. Speed can be adjusted from 150-400 rpm and the stroke from 15 to 75 mm. High temperature applications of up to 100° C are possible.

"By adjusting speed and stroke, we can fine tune the process parameters for each application to achieve outputs up to 15% higher than comparable units," stated Yvan GIRBOUX, Sweco German Sales Manager, based in the European Headquarters in Belgium.

The low maintenance Sweco GyraMax separators have drives that last 10 or more years; use hangers instead of the quicker wearing discharge end slipper plates; and utilize hook strip screen designs which prevent loss of tension over time. Screen inspection and replacement is fast and easy because screens can be removed from the feed end of the sifter without removing the separator's cover.

Sweco dynamically balances the machines and uses a special hanger mounting system that virtually eliminates transmitted vibration to support structures, so the machines can be placed anywhere without concern that vibration will affect the building.

According to Sweco president, Max Richey, the separation-technology company recently introduced an innovative screen changer for round separators dubbed the Non Vibrating QuickChange system or QuickChange NV. The new system reduces the time needed to change screens by up to 75% and eliminates concerns of wear and stress on screen changers normally caused by the machine’s vibration during processing.

The QuickChange NV system’s patent-pending “outrigger design” utilizes a set of closed-loop hydraulic lifting cylinders mounted off the base of the unit, isolating them from any separator vibration. One person can operate the system, greatly reducing the necessary labor and eliminating the need to involve maintenance crews. Powered by a self-contained hydraulic unit, the system does not require any outside utility hook-ups and no staging area is needed during screen changes.

When a screen change is required, the lifters are tilted toward the machine to engage the top frame or cover. Using a hand-operated pump, the stack is lifted to create up to a 150 mm opening for easy screen removal and convenient access for inspection and maintenance.

Available as an option on all new round separators from Sweco, the QuickChange NV also can be easily retrofit onto existing machines. The unit can be installed either directly to the processing floor or to the machine base.

Sweco Magnum (exhibited on our stand 527, Hall 9) screens are the most revolutionary advancement in separator screen technology in the last decade. Designed for increased strength, the patented Magnum screen has shown significantly improved screen life over traditional designs. Advanced mesh fusion divides the screen into discrete zones, preventing propagation of most tears. The mesh fusion also enhances flow rates by stiffening the screen surface, which improves solids conveying.

Field testing has demonstrated effective screen life improvements of 1.5 to 5 times traditional designs with no catastrophic failures. Magnum's advanced bonding techniques enhance operating rates while providing rip-stop protection.

Magnum can be custom configured to obtain the most effective performance for each application. Balancing screen life, capacity and blinding (plugging) resistance, Magnum screens can be tailored to meet the objectives of the specific operation

Utilizing standard Sweco screen frames and FDA approved materials, Magnum is available in 18 to 60-inch round and all sizes of rectangular and white water filter screens.

The Magnum screen has been nominated for the 2002 “Product of the Year” award.

All information concerning this new screen will be available at the Sweco Stand on the Powtech exhibition (stand 527, hall 9).

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