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Thread: New Self-Loading / Discharging Bulk Carrier

  1. Question New Type Bulk Vessel


    I develop a new type of bulk vessel together with a ship consultant company, based on belt conveying system.

    The self-loading/unloading vessel has a very flexible system designed to enable easy and effective loading and unloading of free flowing material dry cargo. As it only requires simple and inexpensive shore facilities it enables entrepreneurs to set up temporary/simple shore facilities while still handling large quantities. The system offers tailored solutions.

    The vessel is designed to comply with increasing environmental standards. By eliminating hatches on deck there is no leakage. This system produces less noise, spill and dust than traditional and current loading and unloading systems. As it is completely tight, there is also no "weather permitting" during loading/ discharging.

    The vessel eliminates the need to shifting position during loading/unloading. It also offers the possibility to discharge cargo directly onto for example trucks and train wagons. It can load itself from deck and only needs simple shore facilities.

    I would appreciate feedback on this project - good or bad. Please don,t hesitate to contact if any question.

    I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

    Best regards,
    Malvin Matre
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    Author Guest

    New Bulk Vessel

    Hello, Malvin,

    Sounds like a very interesting project you have there.

    Could you give some more technical details on the vessel design,
    or perhaps a sketch? In GIF or JPEG it can be uploaded.

    Reinhard H. Wohlbier

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    Richard Davies - Dustex, USA Guest

    Your question

    You might go to and get some answers, or, contact some manufacturers of large telescopic loading spouts as they would have a wealth of experience in this area

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    Author Guest

    New Type Bulk Vessel


    Here is a photo of the model of my new type bulk vessel.

    If you have questions, please let me know.

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    We would like to have more information about this new vessel. Has any prototype been tested?
    We can offer to make a prototype for you as our costs of manufacture are low here in India.


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    Author Guest

    New Self-Loading / Discharging Bulk Carrier



    The bulk transportation consists of exploitation/production transportation – processing/refinement consumer with shipment, transport, and receivers linking the chain, often in more than one turn because of intermediate storage.

    The bulk flow normally goes from inland to sea to land for distribution and a considerable part of the costs of the product is related to transportation.
    A major potential for savings is on the re-loading and transfer stages of the transport process, which is in particular depending on the port facilities.
    This is where the demands for improvements, higher efficiency and requirements for environmental protection will be addressed.
    The manufacturers of bulk handling equipment are focusing on ports and bulk terminals for shipment and reception.

    There are made and developed a lot of technical advanced loading- and discharging equipment, expensive to purchase and expensive to maintain.
    More types and variations are coming up as the requirements on efficiency, safety, noise, spill and dust are getting stricter.
    This means the equipment at the different locations will need to be upgraded, possible new developed additional equipment must be installed to fulfil the new requirements.

    This will favour the bigger terminals with high bulk flow volumes, but smaller production plants will meet problems defending such investments.

    Looking back how the bulk transportation chain have developed since the 2nd world war, we find that all links have been through a considerable development except the bulk ship and the railroad.

    Cargo handling machinery, refining equipment, conveyor technology and belonging equipment have gone through a noticeable development with respect to technology and capacity.

    In the same period the bulk ship have not shown a corresponding development .

    The railroad have been given a lower priority compared to lorries which have continuously been technically developed through many years.

    The question is if it is the best way to focus on development of one part of the bulk transportation chain?

    Or is it better to look at the total chain, see if there are parts that can be developed in such a way that the total chain will be more cost effective, more efficient, less maintenance demanding, more environmental friendly, without the use of so much technological advanced equipment?

    Why are the railroads not more developed today focusing on emissions, ozone etc.?


    Nearly all types of ships are developed from the bulk carrier in order to improve the handling of cargo and make the specialized vessels more efficient, now it is time to make a specialised vessel of the bulk ship.

    This for being more efficient in port during Loading/discharging and saving the ports for heavy investments in cargo handling equipment necessary for improving efficiency and fulfilling environmental requirements.

    This could be an opening for the railroads to be more attractive and competitive in transport of larger quantities of bulk material.

    It also could be in important factor in making the re-loading and feeding part of the chain more efficient to/from intermediate bulk terminals, larger vessels or smaller vessels or barges utilizing rivers and channels.

    This can contribute to a standardised loading and discharging of bulk material for better protection of the cargo and the environment, less damage to the cargo and less spill of cargo.
    It is a trend that finer grades and higher purity qualities of cargo are transported, which demands careful handling, less mixing, control of humidity, consideration to weather and temperature etc.

    Looking at low cost countries now developing their infra-structure to meet western standard the saving potential is considerable with an efficient bulk transportation chain not necessitating heavy investments in port equipment.

    Also the industrialised countries have high saving potentials as medium and smaller ports struggle with old cargo handling equipment with low efficiency, high maintenance costs, are limited environmental friendly and often located in high populated cities demanding environmental considerations to be taken.

    If such a project could be put on the discussion agenda for ports, shipment/receivers, and generally in the bulk transport environment, a totally revised transport system, being more environmental friendly, can be seen within the nearest future.

    For further information or comments, please contact:

    Ship consultancy:
    Skipskonsulent AS Mr.Aage Milde

    Ship operation:
    Captain Mr Malvin Matre
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    Author Guest

    New Self-Loading / Discharging Bulk Carrier

    New Self-Loading / Discharging Bulk Carrier
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    about GRABS

    Dear Sir.;

    Our firm manufactures grabs for discharging.
    The grabs are especially used on grain, cement, rock, fertilizer, scrap, coal end atc...

    You can see some photos following. our products;
    - Remote Control Type
    - Mechanic grab types (touch down, double wired, orange peel)
    - Electro Hydro grab types (two mought and orange peel)
    If you want to see our catalogue on the web, click this

    You can see more informations on web site,

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    Lawrie Guest
    I have worked on a few self discharging ships. Some have paddle reclaimers, bottom conveyors, bucket elevators that raise the product, retractable discharge conveyors, and portable land conveyors that are dropped on the jetty by the ships crane to allow the loading of trucks. Basically the ship docks alongside the jetty and has everything on board to directly discharge bulk cargo straight into the trucks. Even a bagging unit is employed into the system if required. Ships - "CHL Innivator" and "CHL Progressor" are of this nature.

    Another method i have seen incorperates vibrating floors instead of the paddle reclaimers. Ship - "MRS Pioneer"

    Other types have a complex conveyor system that basically grabs the product between two conveyor belts. Ship - "Ikuna"

    To control dust and weather they all use a telescopic sock usually nick named "Donky's Dick" that is raised or lowered as per tide and jetty heights. This also creates the flexable joint between the ship and the land.

    I do have some pictures,drawings, and contact numbers re the above mentioned ships on file somewhere if of any help.

    These are all specialised self discharging bulk carriers. I don't think there is a simple method of cleaning out holds that is effective apart from loaders and shovels.

    Best Regards
    Austbelt Pty Ltd

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    New Type Bulk Vessel

    actually speaking these type of vessels are good answers to the old vessels with grab mounted on them. company like BMH MARINE has good referances for this type of vessels/ships.
    we also did the similar typeof job to convert a barge to unload the lime stone at 600 tpd capacity for one of our clients in bahrain and now we are doing finalisation with an indonesian company for converting their barge to unload the cement/flyash @400 tph.
    we have got the people having experiance working with world renowned companies in this field.
    anil seth

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