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World first: Electronic paddle MBA800 series:

MBA Instruments GmbH uses in the new electronic rotating paddle devices MBA800 series as world first a stepper motor. Tested in aerospace and used in the automotive industry, the stepper motor has been proven perfectly also in level measurement technology’s long-term applications tests.

Advantages are obvious: no return spring, no leaf spring, no slipping clutch. The power transmission is made via magnets, a stepper motor’s common feature. The sensitivity is adjustable and can be adapted to requirements of application. Large paddles up to a span size of 2 meters or more have a double benefit: They glade the cone surface of the bulk material and they signal “full” as point level measuring instrument. Thumbnail paddles are used in downcomers.

Adjustments of other parameters like rotating speed , change of direction , reaction time and sleeping time period can be freely selected as pre-set parameter combinations ( pat. pend.) Therefore the series MBA800 is used in all kind of bulk materials.

Result of using now a stepper motor is the enhancements of MBA's own patent of a magnetic slip clutch which replaces a simple mechanical coupling to the shaft. The different parameters of the stepper motor are been used to control the motor and for signaling.

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The new electronic rotating paddle device
of the MBA800 series by MBA, Germany

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