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Thread: Belt Conveyor Dust Covers

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    Steve Davis

    Steve Davis, B.Eng., P.Eng., CEng, CPEng, FIMechE, FIEAust

    Principal Advisor



    Belt Conveyor Dust Covers

    We are looking for a good solution to the issue of providing dust covers for belt conveyors to prevent dust emission. There are some proprietary designs available, and many in-house. I would appreciate feedback from people who operate or supply enclosed conveyors, particularly with respect to:
    1) System must be reasonable cost.
    2) System is not expected to seal the conveyor, and typically will cover only the troughing idlers from stringer to stringer.
    3) System should be user friendly, easy to install during construction and easy to open/remove and close/replace without tools if possible for inspection and maintenance.
    4) System should be maintenance free in itself as far as possible, ie corrosion resistant materials, minimum or no complex hinges and catches/latches, weatherproof under a wide spread of ambient conditions.

    The key is to provide a system that requires minimum operator input and will still be in good condition after years of use. We have several projects that require covers from 600mm wide to 3200mm wide and including overland conveyors.

  2. Dust Covers do not prevent emissions


    Just a question of terminology. Dust covers over conveyors mounted on the stringers do not "prevent" emissions. They simply protect the material and/or dust on the conveyor from becoming entrained in prevailing air currents and being transported off the conveying belt. Conventional unvented skirted enclosures at the feed end of the belt will still be venting induced air flow from the preceding transfer chute along with its entrained dust into the tunnel formed by the dust covers. No stringer to stringer dust cover will "prevent" the venting of these continual and dissipated fugitive emissions. Unfortunately too much emphasis today is placed on encapsulating belts as an only means to dust control and not addressing the primary mechanisms within the transfers that are the root cause of all major fugitive emissions. One last suggestion, don't use hinged covers as they prevent access to troughing idlers on one side of the conveyor... all covers should be lift off types if they are to be used at all.

  3. Steve, if you are looking for a totally enclosed system, you may want to consider an air supported conveyor. The belt rides in a trough with totally enclosed covers on the carrying side. In place of idlers, the belt rides on a cushion of air. This can be retrofitted to an existing conveyor. Keep in mind that there still may be carryback problems that would be addressed at the head pulley. Please contact us if a quote would be appropriate. Thank you.
    Larry J. Goldbeck
    Martin Engineering

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    AGD Products, I Guest

    Frame-Rite Conveyor Covers

    Steve, Our Frame-Rite Construction System could be your cost effective solution. The product is easy to work with and would not require an outside firm to install.

    Check us out on the Web at:
    Look at our Frame-Rite products or call me and I'll send you some literature.

    David Sayers

  5. conveyor covers


    If I hear U right, U are after a weathercover for the lenght of the belt.

    We have installed for over 22years a curved roofing cover for cement et al- the sheets sit on the stringer. The sheets are rolled galv. custom orb roofing sheets are held down with plastic coated wire rope with turnbuckles. For access to rollers, at approp. interbals/spacing, the sheets are shorter and do not land on the stringer.

    It is weatherproof and OK.

    After 22 years, we have had corrosion from

    sea salt spray on the galv sheeting
    local corossion at the stringer - water/dirt trapped.
    we have also has local corossion on the stringers whereever there are spiders webs > true > can not explain that one

    Also - when we refit a sheet after removal for whatever reason, the sheets do not sit down well and U can tell that it has been lifted.

    Also - who in Aust . supplies the dual middle roller set as per your last thread?? What was your conclusion??


    James Morrish

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    Steve Davis

    Steve Davis, B.Eng., P.Eng., CEng, CPEng, FIMechE, FIEAust

    Principal Advisor


    We looked at many different system for covers, including a wide variety of materials.
    Most are similar in concept to those described, we have chosen three different types for two project.
    One system uses galv sheet as described.
    One uses FRP sheet in a similar manner.
    The other is custom due to the belt width.

    The FRP style appears to have obvious benefits.

    The twin roll idlers were not taken up as we could find no real justification or examples of use. Also they would be non standard with existing units in most cases. I am not sure whether there is an Australian agent.

  7. Belt covers for belt width wider than 1000 mm may pose some difficulty in removing refitting side covers, removing refitting idlers, etc. because of weight. This aspect also needs to be taken in to consideration.

    Ishwar G Mulani.
    Author of Book : Engineering Science and Application Design for Belt Conveyors.
    Advisor / Consultant for Bulk Material Handling System & Issues.
    Email :
    Tel.: 0091 (0)20 25882916

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    Allan G. Tapp Guest

    Belt Conveyor Dust Covers

    We at Stephens-Adamson manufacture a conveyor hood that is both economical, easy to fasten to the structure and easy to open and close. You can view it at It comes standard with galvanized covers, bands, feet and retainer bars, and zinc plate hardware. It is also available in Aluminum, Stainless Steel and other materials. To make it as economical as possible there is a gap between the top of the stringer and bottom of the cover edge. At additional cost ths gap can be closed by extending the bands below the feet. You will see links on the website to Imperial dimension sheets. There is little problem handling various other dimensions, including metric. The largest size we can fabricate is with a band radius of 56-3/4" [1440mm] and bolt hole centres of 105" [2670mm]. This would cover a CEMA E idler for a 96" [2440mm] belt width. If you need more information please feel free to contact me.

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    Lawrence K. Nordell

    Lawrence K. Nordell

    President and CEO

    Conveyor Dynamics Inc.

    Conveyor Dynamics Inc.

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    We have provided many modern hood covers in Australia. I believe Hatch is aware of some such as:

    1. 20 km Channar, HI, Western Austalia
    2. 14 km Muja/Collie, West Farmers Coal, Western Australia
    3. Eastern Range 1.5 km , HI, Western Australia
    4. 4 km Warkworth, Rio Tinto Coal, Eastern Australia

    All of these have integral hood and stringer designs. The idlers are changed from below. No hood removal is required. The hood cover and integral idler frame aids in stiffening the frame. Air flow is over the hood or below the belt. Hood, stringer and belt underside act as an integral airfoil. Dust entrainment is minimized due to the lower wind turbulence across product surface. The design has been wind tunnel tested.

    See our website for an example:

    Lawrence Nordell
    Conveyor Dynamics, Inc.

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    Belt Conveyor Dust Covers


    MIRS in Perth are able to supply such dust covers, made from plastic in any colour you wish, light and easy to operate, UV stablised and if required "fire resistant".

    Martin Long

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