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Thread: Dense Phase Conveying of Milk Powder

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    Dense Phase Conveying of Milk Powder

    Lean phase conveying of milk powder is used for some decades already. Since a few years, this technology is replaced by dense phase conveying systems. Dense phase conveying means that the loading of the pipeline with product is much higher than in lean phase. In order to achieve this, the product is loaded with pressure vessels instead of using rotary valves.

    The advantages of this technology are:

    • high loading, low consumption of conveying air;
    • low conveying velocity, less product breakage;
    • low conveying velocity, reduced or no fat layer in the pipeline
    • less cleaning requirement.

    Nowadays, milk powder and derivate like milk serum need a special conveying treatment to meet the hygienic requirements, but mainly because of process and quality requirements. Spray dried milk powder will loose some of its „instant“ dissolution characteristics when conveyed by lean phase. Highly fat enriched milk powder will create layers in the pipeline which do influence the quality of the final product and can be a risk in hygienic terms.

    Gericke has supplied several dense phase conveying systems in different occasions which represent a reliable and approved solution for the handling of milk powder! References attest that Gericke systems increase production efficiency due to a higher process quality and the careful handling of product when comparing with traditional systems.

    Gericke offers comparison trials in one of its test labs in order to evaluate the appropriate solution on a specific process.

    For more information, please visit:

    Photograph: Gericke dense phase conveying system with pressure vessel that can be moved in cleaning position.
    (Archive Gericke)
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