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Thread: EasydosTM Weigh Feeder

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    EasydosTM Weigh Feeder

    Gericke’s well known, reliable weigh feeder controller EasydosTM is even more versatile now!

    Using the EasydosTM weigh feeder, by simply changing the software, you can use this unique controller in the continuous mode for:

    • Loss-in-weight feeders;
    • Gravimetric vibro feeders;
    • Belt weighers.

    New, you can use EasydosTM in the batch mode as well!

    The controller’s versatility ads value for the users of Gericke feeders because the feeders and its controller EasydosTM can be adapted easily to changing processes!

    The advantages are:

    • extended life time of the equipment;
    • flexibility in designing a process;
    • less cost of investment.

    In addition, the EasydosTM controller in batch mode combined with the proven feeding technology offers the possibility to use the reliable, robust and very accurate hybrid feeder frame from Gericke.

    The advantages of this configuration are:

    • physical instead of electronic tare compensation;
    • increased accuracy of batches;
    • increased insensibility of external disturbances like vibrations.

    Gerickes’s EasydosTM controller can be linked to PLC with Device net, Profibus or Modebus.

    The TCP/IP based embedded webserver „“ allows you to have direct internet access from your PC to the feeder data and feedrate track log!

    Test units and trials are offered in the Gericke test lab. Get in touch with us.
    For more information, please visit:

    EasydosTM weigh feeder controller
    for continuous and batch applications (archive Gericke)
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