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    Stand 7-136

    New Filter Design with Integrated Fan in Plants with Impact Classifier Mills

    One of the most important aspects in a grinding process is the separation of process air and product.

    As a cyclone is normally able to separate 99% of the product, the separation of the remaining finest particles is almost completely done by a filter after cyclone. The size of these particles is below 10 µm. The filter is followed by a fan which sucks the air through the system. During the milling process, very reactive surfaces are often produced. Thus, per state-of-the-art techniques, an explosion protection valve is placed between filter and fan to separate the pressure shock resistant part of the system from the non-pressure shock resistant side.

    In the new filter design (see Fig. below), the fan is incorporated into the clean room of the filter, with the following advantages:

    • compact, space-saving design
    • less sound emission from fan
    • no explosion protection valve,
    • no maintenance costs
    • no suction duct between filter and fan.

    The new filter consists of a lower part, the raw gas room where the product is separated from the process air by filter cartridges, and the clean gas room with the incorporated fan.

    For maintenance, the upper filter housing can be moved by a lift and rotating crane. For periodic inspection, there is a view port in the upper part of the filter housing.

    Customers appreciate the advantages of this new design, for which the German patent application is pending.

    This filter design has now been built up to a size of RDC 76 with an airflow rate of 76 m3/min, with an internal diameter of 1,500 mm. The first of its kind was delivered together with an ICM 48/60 grinding system to a French customer in December 2003 and started its production in January 2004.

    For further information, please visit:
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