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Thread: POWTECH 2004: E.S.C.H.

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    POWTECH 2004: E.S.C.H.

    Stand 10-214

    Pneumatic Conveying, Metering and Distribution

    For more than 20 years pneumatic conveying plants are erected by E.S.C.H. company. The result of this is a lot of experience with handling of the most different bulk materials. On this base we are able to realize the convenient conveying technology to satisfy our customers.

    At the beginning is the conveying material!

    The test of those conveying characteristics which are important for the selection of the most efficient technology is done at our own laboratory. So were designed and constructed pneumatic conveying plants for powder materials up to granulated materials with grain sizes of nearly 50 mm. Close by were also developed conveying techniques especially for materials which are difficult to handle concerning extrem abrasion on the one side or sensitivity of destruction on the other side. Typical materials are:

    • Powder of silicon carbide
    • Granulates of calcium/silicon, bismuth or pure silicon
    • Different spray-dried powders and granulates
    • Pure plastics or waste plastics
    • Granulated additional fuels
    • Industrial waste powder
    • Sand, foundry sand and stone powder
    • Dried settling sludge
    • Adsorptive powders
    • Most various coal and coke powder and granulates
    • Lime etc.

    Conveying principles adapted to the requirements and characteristics of the materials!

    At the laboratory are tested different conveying technologies and resulting on this parameters and the real conditions at the customer is designed a conveying plant with the greatest operation safety and minimum of power consumption. So we are able to choose between dense phase or slow conveying, stopper conveying, flue conveying or injector conveying.

    Chosen references are:

    1. Transport of foundry sand to collecting silos
    2. Transport of evaporation cooling dust to an agglomeration silo
    3. Transport and distribution of granulated Alumina material to a silo-plant
    4. Transport of coke ashes to a silo
    5. Transport of graphite powder to a silo
    6. Granulated flux powder metering onto the mould of a continuous casting plant
    7. Coal powder metering for slag foaming of an EAF
    8. Pulverized coal powder multiple metering at a blast furnace
    9. Wastes multiple metering into the tyres of a blast furnace
    10. Coal powder most precision metering for an experimental gasifying plant
    11. Multiple metering of adsorptive powders into the waste heat flues of sintering plants and EAF plants
    12. Metering of replaced fuels into a stocker of an electric power plant
    13. Distribution and metering of granulated silicon to Aluminium-heath and converter
    14. Researching and testing plants for injection of different waste or pulverized fuel in gasification reactors, metallurgical melting vessels and shaft furnaces

    For more information, please visit:
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