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Thread: Elevator Buckets & Bolts

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    Elevator Buckets & Bolts

    Dear Sirs,

    Please help us with addresses of manufacturers of buckets and bucket bolts for elevator belts.

    Best Regards,

    Victor Padrao
    Managing / Commercial Director
    Juncor Ltda.

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    Elevator Bolts and Buckets

    Dear Sirs,

    We are manufacturer of Elevator buckets both in steel and plastic and bolts for the same. In case if you have any live enquiry please forward us thru mail to offer you our best price.



    E-mail :

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    Dear Victor,

    As you know we supply buckets and bolts.

    Kind regards,

    VAV bv
    Perry van der Ploeg

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    Best quality Bucket Elevator Belts, conveyor belts

    Dear Sir,
    We are manufacturing best quality Nylon specially Treated Bucket Elevator Belts, conveyor belts. This is an abrasion resistant belt, though woven it is made solid using special treatment. As such though cut horizontally or vertically yarns will not come out. If interested we can submit sample.
    Kindly do not hesitate to write to us.
    Best regards,

  5. Original Beumer spare parts

    Dear Mr. Padrao,

    if you need a reliable solution, Beumer is probably a good partner for you. Please let us know the product you are dealing with, to provide you with a proper design.


    Holger Lieberwirth
    Dr. Holger Lieberwirth

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    Re: Elevator Buckets & Bolts

    Dear Sir,
    I am pleased to introduce myself as the manufacturer of Pure Nylon Superior quality, Buckets, Bolts and our Belts are abrasion resistant (though woven yarns of our belt will not come even if cut horizontally or veritically) as special treatment is given, these are very light in weight and as such more than 40% power can be saved, used in Cement, Rice, Pulse, Flour and other Industries. There are several advantages of using our belt.
    The same quality belt we are exporting to U.K for Forging Hammers as lifting and sling belts. I request you to kindly give me an opportunity to prove the quality the best.
    You may take a decission after going through our cut sample which can be sent after hearing from you.
    Best regards,

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    SiloProject Guest
    Silo Project Ltd is one of the biggest supplier and manufacturer in Turkey dealing in grain processing & handling systematical machineries.

    Our main products are bolted steel silo with diameter from 2 meters to 33 meters, handling systems machineries such as bucket elevator, chain conveyor, belt conveyor, screw conveyor, elevator support tower, catwalks, slide gates, distributor applied in grain storage facilities.

    Silo Project has been supplying its clients with various types of steel silo systems, including process design, civil engineering design, automatic system design, site installation, commissioning and training.

    The complete turnkey projects also include its elevating, conveying, drying, cleaning, temperature measuring, ventilation systems and equipment. Besides, our more competitive price, more suitable service, better quality, more complete guarantee always satisfied and benefit our value customers in the past.

    -Complete consulting / planning services to help you establish cost projections and feasibility
    -Design / engineering services, providing specifications for all project components

    -Specialization in Grain Elevators and Terminals
    -Bulk Material Storage Structures
    -Steel Corrugated Grain Storage Tanks
    -Material Handling / Conveying Systems
    -Grain Drying Facilities
    -Truck and Track Platform Scales
    -Bulk Weigh Scales
    -Grain Cleaners and Processing Equipment
    -Structural Steel Fabrication and Erection
    -Site Development and Complete Engineering Services

    The European quality confirmed by certificates « BS EN ISO 9001:2000 »

    The company is the leader of branch in Turkey, exports the equipment to 26 countries of the world. For last year 54 complexes are erected.

    An opportunity of payment by a method of financial rent (leasing).

    Silo Project Ltd will serve its clients with the most comprehensive, most reliable services and technical supports.

    Please contact with us if you need more details or additional information.

    Silo Proje San Ltd
    Cankaya Mah Silifke Cad
    4718 Sok Bahri Ok ishani B-Blok Nr.66
    P.O.33070 Mersin-Turkiye

    Tell:+90-324-2385680 pbx
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