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Large Kiln Capacities at High Flexibility

Whether it's large volume bulk materials or products in the "µ" area, the new directly heated rotary kiln plants are setting new standards at firing temperatures up to 1650 °C:
Equipped with combination burners for oil and/or gas operation, sluice tech-nology and continuous volumetric or gravimetric feeding of the product, these kiln plants are designed for flexible use. Their design further ensures ex-tremely limited infiltration of air ensuring a uniform and high product quality and reproducible conditions. Through an integrated energy link combined with a highly efficient indirect cooling system which uses the generated heat as preheated combustion air, the energy consumption is reduced to a mini-mum. In addition thereto flue gas is used for drying purposes and for the pre-heating of the product.

As an alternative it is possible to integrate a special direct cooling system with horizontal vibration cooling.

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