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Thread: Retrofitting Vibratory Flour Feeders

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    Retrofitting Vibratory Flour Feeders

    Melfi Technologies retrofits first of eight vibratory flour feeders

    Melfi Technologies has completed commissioning of vibratory flour metering control retrofit at a major US pasta producer. The ControlLogix PLC directly reads the weight signal from the loadcells and provides closed-loop PID speed control of the vibratory AC motor.

    To ensure consistent flour moisture content, included in the control system is a water-control valve, flowmeter and moisture sensor. Based upon the “master” flour feedrate the water flow is “slaved” as a ratio while being automatically corrected by the flour moisture reading.

    The ControlLogix PLC is communicating directly to the supervisory PLC5 by means of an Ethernet connection. Considering all control equipment is Allen-Bradley based there is no need for proprietary communication converters.

    Due to the success of this retrofitted system the pasta producer will soon convert the remaining seven vibratory feeders. Below is a flow diagram of the flour control system installation, please contact us to request additional application details or to schedule a review of your installation.

    For more informatin, please visit:
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