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Mini Fluidizer Flushes EPS Foam from 12-inch Pipe

Progressive Foam Technologies, as their name implies, is an innovator in exterior cladding insulation. Their manufacturing facility in Ohio is built around efficiency. Progressive Foam manufactures various cut and molded shapes to conform to all types of exterior cladding.“We were running into cross contamination in the process of changing from one product to the other. The 12-inch diameter transfer pipe couldn’t be flushed efficiently,” according to Scott Ross, Director of Engineering.

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The Solimar Mini-fluidizer

Previously, the company had plumbed in standard compressed air lines in an attempt to clean out the pipe between process changes. The EPS, which ranges in bulk density from .70 to 1.20 pounds per cubic foot, was still leaving residue in the pipe. “We switched to five 2-inch diameter Solimar mini-fluidizers and closed off three of the four air ports in order to force the air flow in one direction,” Scott explains. The result was more complete cleaning of the transfer line and faster product change-over with less waste. The Solimar method of applying air parallel to the side of the conduit sweeps the pipe more effectively. Scott notes, “An added bonus is that the air actually wraps itself up and along the sidewalls of the contour for better cleaning."

“At Progressive Foam, part of the reason we are successful is we are willing to try new things," according to Scott, “This Mini-fluidizer is just another example of that philosophy.”

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