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    Kuriyama of America, Inc.

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    Kuriyama of America, Inc.

    Voltbuster™ - The ”No Static”, Heavy Duty Material Handling Hose

    Powder and Solids Handling

    Tigerflex™ Voltbuster™ is the first and only lightweight, thermoplastic material handling hose that safely dissipates static charge in extremely high static applications. Launched in October 2011, Voltbuster is successfully in use at many prominent processing corporations such as DuPont, Monsanto and Glaxo Smith Klein. The dissipative properties of the hose were validated by Chilworth Technology, who concluded that, “A properly grounded Voltbuster Hose will not retain an electrostatic charge, sufficient to create propagating brush discharges (V. Stetsovsky, September 11, 2012).”

    The Voltbuster hose solves the problem of industrial hose propagating brush discharge, otherwise known as “hose arcing”, which occurs when the static generated inside the hose overloads the dielectric strength of the hose tube. The consequences of electrostatic discharges range from personnel experiencing serious physiological shock to potentially fatal dust cloud explosion. There are, on average, ten dust explosions per year in the United States, resulting in nearly five fatalities and 29 injuries [1]. The elimination of all potential dust cloud ignition sources is imperative for any facility involved in the processing of potentially explosible materials.

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    (double click on picture to open in new window)

    Voltbuster is in a category unto itself with regard to static dissipation in thermoplastic material transfer hoses. While some other thermoplastic hoses may dissipate some level of static; they’re generally light duty ducting hoses, with much thinner tube walls resulting in lower dielectric strengths. Only materials possessing a certain dielectric strength are capable of supporting the double layer charge needed to produce propagating brush discharges [2]. Voltbuster’s patent pending design provides for the first and only known heavy duty, abrasion resistant, thermoplastic material handling hose to dissipate static at this level, with a charge decay time of less than 1 second [3].

    Voltbuster can be used at any facility handling powders, plastics or other granular materials, offering a lightweight alternative to cumbersome metal and industrial rubber hoses. The hose can be used without workers’ fear of getting “shocked”, while at the same time being lightweight and flexible enough to maneuver without worker strain. Additionally, the Voltbuster’s food grade thermoplastic polyurethane tube remains flexible in sub-zero temperatures, and handles highly abrasive applications without the loud sounding echo of metal hose.


    [1] CSB Investigation Report, Combustible Dust Hazard Study (Nov 9, 2006)

    [2] Electrostatic Testing & Consulting. (n.d.). Retrieved May 3, 2013, from Chilworth Technology Web Site:

    [3] J. Cargill, D. Churchwell (August 10, 2012) Process Safety Test Results and Interpretation for Voltbuster Sample (August 10, 2012)

    For more information, please visit:

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