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Thread: POWTECH 2004: Endress+Hauser

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    POWTECH 2004: Endress+Hauser

    Stand 11-116

    Cerabar S / Deltabar S. The Evolution

    Pressure measurement applications are most varied today – from aggressive and environmental applications through to pharmaceutical and hygiene systems. Pressure sensors do not only provide safe conditions in pipes and tanks, they also make important process data available. Even in level and flow measurement, engineers often resort to pressure instrumentation. Pressure thus represents one of the most important measured variables in process automation and, for Endress+Hauser, this fact entails the challenge of continually advancing and improving the development and production of high-quality pressure instrumentation.

    Quality, the highest degree of application safety and innovative strength have made us No. 2 of pressure providers world-wide during the last 20 years and thus one of the most sought after suppliers in pressure instrumentation.
    The pressure transmitters, Cerabar S and Deltabar S, are an important part of this technological development which aims at meeting the needs of our customers and the requirements of their processes in an optimum fashion. The innovation history of Endress+Hauser includes, among other items, the first industrially used ceramic cell, the first self-monitoring differential pressure transmitter and the introduction of the modular concept for pressure and differential pressure transmitters.

    Safety first
    The new Cerabar S / Deltabar S evolution of Endress+Hauser with its comprehensive safety package and the intelligent operating and instrument concept offers unique novelties in the high-end segment of pressure instrumentation. Numerous improvements provide the highest degree of functionality, information and safety for process users.

    The integrated data module, HistoROM®, for example, permits the acquisition, back-up and selection of important process and instrument parameters and duplicates the reliable instrument configurations on other instruments by simply transferring the module. Swift and safe. Analyses, simulations and the interrogation of service parameters can be performed via the diagnosis function of the software of Cerabar S / Deltabar S at any time and safeguard the best possible adaptation to the process.

    The self-monitoring ceramic cell, Ceraphire®, is unique in the market. It consists of 99.9% pure AI2O3 and is the most resistant ceramic cell for all media occurring in process industry.
    Ceraphire® is self-cleaning and extremely reliable in aggressive process conditions.

    Operation with a concept
    3-key operation offers the highest degree of functional safety by simple and fast commissioning. All settings and interrogations can be comfortably realised without any additional aids from outside thus avoiding the intrusion of the instrument. The operating concept (hall sensor principle) guarantees excellent protection against environmental influences.
    The option of pressure, level or flow measurement only displays the respectively relevant menu structures.
    The quick setup menu reduces instrument parameterising work to a minimum and helps users to accomplish their task in a fast and reliable manner.
    The large 4-line graphic display provides a clear picture for every action. The menu offers different languages like German, English, French, Spanish, Italian and Dutch.

    The housing may be rotated by 380° degrees irrespective of the process connection which makes the pressure transmitter adaptable to any process environment. The installation of the instrument is thus considerably simplified, it is easier operated and the display can always be read. Involved installation designs become superfluous.

    High temperatures simply under control
    A decisive goal in recent Cerabar S development was reliable and safe measurement in high process temperatures. However, without the typical diaphragm seal and focussing on the extension of the known and usual limits of application. The high temperature version of Cerabar S is now equipped with a metal diaphragm and permits fast and direct assembly to the process connection without a diaphragm seal up to 280°C! In addition, process temperature limits for ceramic types are extended to a continuous temperature of 150°C, which is unique in the market.
    This novelty entails brief installation periods, fewer components, lower costs and additional safety by improved conduction in direct applications.

    ‘People for process automation‘
    The recent development of Cerabar S / Deltabar S represents a decisive step ahead in making pressure instrumentation better and safer for process industry.

    The new pressure/differential pressure line rounds off the program of measurement and instrumentation technology with level, flow, liquid analysis, temperature, data acquisition and system components. In addition digital field communication for direct connection to superior systems and remote control of measuring data as well as visualisation via INTERNET plus wide range of services with industry solutions.

    The development of new products is particularly dependent on the knowledge, the commitment and the experience of staff members. Permanently high performance can only be achieved if dedicated and enthusiastic people provide their ideas. Endress+Hauser’s instruments are not only supposed to distinguish themselves for customers and users by technological novelties but also by the presence of people supporting this progress, be it in research and development, service, sales or production.

    For more information, please visit:
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