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Thread: POWTECH 2004: W. L. Gore & Associates

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    POWTECH 2004: W. L. Gore & Associates

    Stand 8-216

    "GORE-TEX® Filtration Products - Proven to Optimise System Performance" will be Gore's theme for this year's exhibition. The emphasis will be on the company's experience and capability in providing process-specific design and an application engineering approach to maximise the efficiency of all types of baghouses.

    The following three product families will be on display at Gore’s stand at POWTECH 2004:

    GORE-TEX® High Durability Filter Bags
    GORE-TEX® High Durability filter bags use a new generation of GORE-TEX® membrane. They feature an advanced and improved combination of filtration efficiency, airflow and rugged durability and have been optimised for pulse-jet filtration, especially in the chemical industry. As the name suggests, “durability” manifests itself in extended bag life, excellent product capture and dimensional stability.

    Depending on the membrane backing, the maximum operating temperature ranges from 135°C to 260°C. Chemical resistance is also defined by the backing material - a PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) felt offers the broadest application window for both acids and alkalis.

    Gore will also introduce an addition to its range of GORE-TEX® High Durability filter bags. Based on a blended PTFE and polyimide felt, these new High Durability bags are designed for applications where the importance of a significantly longer bag life outweighs the initial financial investment. They provide a cost-effective solution for drying applications in the chemical industry where membrane-acrylic or membrane-aramid felts were previously used and in the energy and minerals industries where they are an attractive alternative to conventional felts.

    Whether it is in the production of sub-micron pharmaceutical powders, finely dispersed catalysts, fertilisers, plastic resins, the latest generation of pigments or nano particles, GORE-TEX® High Durability filter bags offer great versatility. In addition to outstanding product features, these bags are backed by expert support not just for bag design and installation, but also for advice on how to optimise the flow parameters of a system to get the absolute best productivity, technical support and control.

    GORE-TEX® High Flow Filter Bags
    GORE-TEX® High Flow filter bags, also optimised by the use of the latest GORE-TEX® membranes, prioritise a unique combination of exceptional airflow, decreased pressure drop and durability. These features especially benefit applications in the cement industry where the higher airflow in finish mills helps cement producers significantly improve production rates.

    Depending on the membrane backing, these filter bags are used mainly in chemical, mineral, metal, energy and incineration applications and, like the High Durability bags, they come with a full service portfolio.

    SINBRAN® Filter Elements
    SINBRAN® filter elements combine the advantages of both membrane filtration and rigid body filtration i.e. a maximum of filtration surface requiring a minimum of space, high mechanical resilience at low pressure drop and convincing precipitation performance during a long service life. The extremely high precipitation rate ensures that even the finest, most dangerous dust can
    be reliably captured. This also enables compliance with low MAC (Maximum Allowable Concentration) rates, virtually complete product precipitation and safe and effective operation.

    In use, the ventilator draws dusty air to the exterior of the individual tubes. The dust is entirely intercepted on the membrane surface and the clean, de-dusted air passes through the sinter body to the clean gas side. This distinct separation of the functions ensures that dust will not reach the sinter body. Consequently, the sinter body will not be blocked by dust and the filtration material can maintain its function for a long time at a very low pressure differential.

    Air pressure impetus initiates the cleaning process. The temporary overpressure inside the tubes strips the dust off the non-stick surface of the ePTFE membrane so that it can then fall into the dust collection area. This effect is accelerated by the stream of the cleaning air which flows in the opposite direction to that of the filtration action.

    Gore is very happy to welcome MIKROPUL GmbH & Co. KG on the booth as a co-exhibitor.

    For more information please visit
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