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Thread: POWTECH 2004: Cimbria Moduflex

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    POWTECH 2004: Cimbria Moduflex

    Stand 9-424

    Cimbria Moduflex – focus on health and safety

    Dust can Kill !
    Dust is the cause of many accidents in the work place. Not only because of the dangerous effects on the human body working in a dust laden area can have, but more because a great deal of the dust contains an explosion risk. A spark in an environment with a potential risk of explosion can have grave – and in some cases deadly – consequences for persons and machinery. In spite of this fact, dust has previously been treated with some negligence.

    Explosive Environments
    The introduction of the special ATEX-directive (94/9/EU) is a tightening of the legislative requirements to machinery working in an environment with potential risk of dust explosions coming from e.g. grain, paper, plastics, sugar, wood and some metals. This directive came into force on 1 July 2003. Whereas it previously was the local fire dept., who made the classifications for the companies and therefore provided their risk assessment, it is today the owners of the plants, who has the responsibility and the duty to do the identification and marking of the areas with potential risk of explosions. This evaluation must be done in accordance with the European norm 50281-3:2002, which deals with the classification of areas with potential risk of explosions caused by dust.

    The areas are designated as Zone 20, 21 and 22.
    Zone 20 is an area containing a continuous and prolonged period of exposure of a potentially explosive atmosphere caused by a flammable cloud of airbourne dust. Zone 21 is an area, during normal operation, where it can be expected occasionally a potentially explosive atmosphere arises caused by a flammable cloud of airbourne dust . Zone 22 is an area where it is not expected during normal operation that a potentially explosive atmosphere will cause a flammable cloud of airbourne dust , or where the exposure to such a dust cloud is only for a very short duration.

    Loading Chute ATEX approval by Cimbria Moduflex
    With more than 25 years of experience in the field of bulk loading and more than 7500 systems produced and installed world wide, Cimbria Moduflex is today the world’s leading supplier of dust free loading chutes.
    To insure that the equipment is in compliance with the rules laid down in the ATEX-directive is for Cimbria Moduflex standard working policy alongside the technical evaluation for the supply of new and existing chute systems.
    Therefore, not only are the assembled parts scrutinised but the complete working unit where all factors including the build-up of static electricity and surface temperatures are taken into consideration.

    Key words in connection with ATEX related equipment is approval, marking and documentation, where the manufacturers declaration plays a key role.
    As part of the approval of the Cimbria Moduflex loading chutes there is compiled a comprehensive technical dossier, which contains considerations concerning health and safety aspects relevant to the loading chutes in relation to the ATEX-directive. This technical dossier from Cimbria Moduflex was submitted to Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) in Braunschweig, Germany, who awarded Cimbria Moduflex the registration number 03 ATEX D110.

    Dangers of Bulk Loading
    The handling of bulk solids, and especially the actual loading of bulk solids, is a potential source of severe dust emissions, and as such also provide a potential explosive atmosphere. Correct design of transport equipment with regards to limiting the dust emissions is for most reasons particularly important. Beyond the direct improvement of the working environment by bringing down the amount of airborne dust, furthermore the risk of creating an explosive atmosphere outside of the transport equipment is reduced. It is important to observe that internally within the transport equipment this will often be defined as a continuous explosive atmosphere and therefore classified as zone 20.

    Due to the factors mentioned above Cimbria Moduflex has already supplied several loading chutes manufactured for and installed in plants where dust control, hygiene and compliance with the ATEX-directive is an absolute pre-requisite for suppliers of bulk handling machinery.

    Cimbria Moduflex will display some of it’s comprehensive range of units on the forthcoming Powtech 2004 in March in Nürnberg, Germany and Victam 2004 in May in Utrecht, Holland, where there will be focus on the solutions to comply with the ATEX directive.

    For more information, please visit:
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