Stand 9-313

Optical Sorting Machines, Type RHEWUM DATASORT

The new concept of optoelectronical Sortingmachines Type “RHEWUM Datasort” basis on the individual combination of proven components to suit utmost the requirement given.

It is possible to realise various sorting tasks (monochrome and true colour as well as single and double side view) with the same electronic combined with further proven standard components. By applying a true colour resolution in combination with a variety of separate filters it will be possible to detect surely parts which are non-recognisable even for the human eye.

Furthermore the hard- and software will contain a self calibration of the lighting system, an integrated self-supervision of the sorting process as well as a learning mode, whereas the user is capable to define the sorting criterias easily by himself.

Applications is the sorting process of glas, non-ferrous metals, Plastics, Food, Salt as well as Minerals such as Ore, Feldspar, Gypsum and Limestone beside the Pharma- and Waste Treatment-Industry.

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