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Thread: Loading Ships with Phosphate

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    AJNicholson Guest

    Loading Ships with Phosphate

    Does anyone know of good sources for equipment/methods to reduce the dust escaping from the holds of a ship as it is being loaded with phosphate rock? We are dealing with a very fine powder of rock phosphate dust and need to contain this dust. Please advise. Funds are expected to become available to purchase and install the required equipment. We need budget cost numbers and information on the nature of the equipment and the maintenance costs. Please e-mail me at

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    Michael Reid

    Michael Reid

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    Loading ships with phosphate

    This is a public forum. Isn't the intention to inform the readers as well as the contributors via public replies rather than private messages?

    Have you looked at the Cleveland Cascade loading chute?

    Michael Reid.

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    Reinhard Matye Guest
    DCL Inc. is a manufacturer of Dust Free Bulk Loading Spouts with years of experience in handling difficult products such as Phosphates, Cement, Alumina, etc.

    Please see our web site for ship loading equipment.

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    AJNicholson Guest

    Respopnse to comment

    I welcome responses made publicly or privately. I have received several responses via e-mail and am pursuing those avenues at present. My intent was to invite companies who offer the needed technologies to discuss the issues and costs with me. I did not want to burden the forum with a lot of details. I am no expert in dust control. Many of the people who use this forum are. I am seeking suggestions ans ideas. Ultimately, the capital improvements will be bid internationally. Current estimate is $21 million total investment.

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