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MOTAN Materials Handling GmbH of Weingarten, Germany recently celebrated their 20th year in the Tire and Rubber business. President of the company Rochus Hofmann says, “We are an innovative and experienced company that excels in solving problems and providing practical, good quality bulk handling solutions. Our emphasis on both product and employee development together with our commitment to customer satisfaction ensures we satisfy customers’ specific needs competitively on a global basis”….

“At the 2004 Tire Technology Expo we are exhibiting our Overflow 1 and 3 slow motion dense phase technology – used to convey carbon black and silica with minimum fines generation. These are ‘state of the art’ technologies intended to allow the tire industry to meet their ever-greater quality control demands. We will also be exhibiting dense phase weighing technology for the first time. A dense phase combination of vacuum / pressure conveying is used to directly charge a pneumatic hopper scale, achieving a dynamic accuracy comparable to normal dilute phase and gravity scales (+/- 0.3%). This will be an important and significant development for the tire industry.”

The special feature of the Overflow 3 system is that the injection of bypass air is spread in a “linear” way along the conveying line, rather than at spaced injection “points”. This has allowed the implementation of a secondary air system influenced far less by variations in product characteristics. Overflow 3 achieves this by using a special pipeline with a fluidising membrane sandwiched between the inner and outer layers of the pipe. Secondary air is still introduced via overflow valves but the membrane spreads it along the pipe, reducing the number of valves, but eliminating dead areas in the pipeline where blockages might otherwise have formed. The system can be configured with the fluidisation membrane either at the top of the pipe (e.g. carbon black), or for more difficult materials, at the bottom (e.g. silica).
Operations can benefit from the improved performance offered by conveying with Overflow 3 in a number of ways:
_ Reduced fines generation – quality control
_ Reduced conveying pressures – lower operating costs
_ Handling lower quality products – reduced raw material costs
_ Longer conveying distances – increased flexibility in plant layout
_ Handling difficult products – automation of previously manual processes
_ No need to open pipes to clear blockages – increased productivity

Motan Materials Handling supply components or complete mixer feed systems including:
_ Material Intake & Storage
_ Pneumatic Conveying Systems
_ Dosing & Weighing
_ Small Component Systems
_ Liquid Pumps & Scales
_ Polymer Band-Scales & Belt Conveyors
_ Complete Control Systems

MOTAN Materials Handling GmbH of Weingarten, Germany is part of the
F. L. Smidth Materials Handling Group, Denmark.

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