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Thread: Crawler Type Reclaimer

  1. Crawler type reclaimer

    We are looking for crawler type reclaimer in our coal - coke stack yard. The capacity reqd is 500 - 750 TPH.

    It has to reclaim from stockpiles and feed to reclaim ground conveyor located in centre of both stockpiles.

    Since the requirement is urgent, immediate response will be highly appreciated. Also details about used equipment invited.


    Jigishu Shah
    Ispat Industries Ltd,

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    Roberto Guarino Guest

    Crawled Reclaimer

    Dear Mr. Shah, we Techint Italimpianti Material Handling Business Unit, are specialized in design and supply of material handling equipment since 30 years. We supplied, some years ago, to your sister Company Carribean ISPAT: one shipunloader 2000 t/h, one loader and one stacker reclaimer. Among our reference we can boast only one crawled reclaimer. Nevertheless such already performed project seems to match with your requirement. Please be informed that we are not directly active in India, we usually operate through our Partner TRF (Tata Robing Frazer) which operate for special equipment (as the crawled reclaimer can be conisdered) under our design. PLease advise your interest in such a pucture.

    Best Regards
    Roberto Guarino
    Marketing & Sales Director
    Techint Italipianti Handling System

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    crawler reclaimer

    RAHCO International, Inc. has built a number or crawler mounted rotary excavators and reclaimers. We are not limited to a specific product or line; if a different machine is needed, we can design something for specific site constraints.

    You can see some of our past products on our web page:, or email me for further details at

    Best Regards,

    Ted Wagner

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