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    Kaeser Compressors

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    Kaeser's ‘Compact’ blower series - the quiet space-savers

    Blower users are increasingly interested in reducing the space requirements for their equipment, especially when so many additional benefits are available – as with the new "Compact" blower series from Kaeser.

    Kaeser’s successful rotary lobe blowers with “Omega Profile” blower blocks are available as “Compact” versions starting with FADs of 1.5 m3/min and a pressure range from vacuum down to 500 mbar up to pressures of 1000. With our new FB 790 C model, the “Compact” series is now complete! This machine, with an installed motor power of 110 kW, pushes the delivery capacity up to 74 m3/min.

    The new blowers are especially suitable for operation in pneumatic conveying, in the vacuum field, in sewage treatment plant and for filter back flushing in drinking water treatment.

    Installing the “Compact" models is easy – all maintenance items are located in the front and all process connections are in the back and with all necessary valves integrated into the package, no additional clearance space is needed. The automatic belt tensioner ensures optimum power transmission and reduces maintenance. The powerful sound enclosure fan with its own motor ensures efficient cooling, even under extreme load conditions. Plus our improved inlet air ducting design means more airflow for less power consumption.

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