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    PEBCO® Inc.

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    PEBCO® was selected for the design and manufacture of a Mark III design Cleveland Cascade® Chute with a moveable trolley system for CEMEX/Kosmosdale Cement facility in Louisville, Kentucky. This chute was designed for loading 1,000 tons per hour of cement into barges. This chute features lightweight fiberglass cones with abrasion resistant steel liners, a heavy duty shroud, a cement adapter with material probes and a special dust enclosure attached to the bottom. The Cleveland Cascade® Chute requires minimum maintenance and operates free of product spillage and dust leakage.

    Two of the most difficult products to handle are alumina and finished cement. The solution to loading these products is the Cleveland Cascade® Chute. This design chute has successfully handled a diverse range of dry bulk solids from finished cement and alumina to calcined petroleum coke, calcined lime, wheat, soda ash, potash, phosphate, lead oxide, etc.

    The truncated, oppositely-inclined cones, supported by straps and covered by a wind shroud, enable material to be loaded in mass flow at low velocity. In this way, the bulk particles remain tightly packed together; thereby minimizing the release of small dust particles. Operating on the principle of mass flow at low velocity, dust emission is minimized without recourse to secondary extraction systems, while degradation and segregation are considerably reduced. This patented chute has applications in ship, barge, truck, railcar, and silo loading as well as conveyor-to-conveyor transfer.

    PEBCO® Incorporated of Paducah, Kentucky has entered into an agreement with Cleveland Potash of England to manufacture and sell the CLEVELAND CASCADE® Chute in North and South America. As part of this agreement, PEBCO® has purchased all the patent rights to the CLEVELAND CASCADE® Chute in these territories.

    For further information, please contact:
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