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    POWTECH 2004: Bückmann

    Stand 7-246

    Based on a foundation of long lasting experience in vibration screen technology Robert Bückmann founded Bückmann GmbH 1984 in Mönchengladbach.

    Starting with the supply of screeners, synthetic fabrics and woven wire meshes to the bulk-good industry bückmann by and by got in touch with customers from all industrial branches and their growing demand for complete solutions around their separation problems.

    The different requirements arosed by products and customers initiated a continual growth of the company and lead to the development of five divisions :
    • Screen- and filter cloths
    Bückmann is able to supply screen- and filter cloths made of all weaveable metal wires or synthetic filaments. Most meshes are available from stock, even those with „oversizes“ in their width are part of the delivery programm. Smallest nuances in aperture sizes or permeabilities together with a great variety of materials allow solutions to almost all separation problem.
    In the stone and ore industries, crimped meshes and spring steel meshes are employed.

    • Fabric technology
    The many-sided nature of bückmann’s operations and our wealth of expertise in screen- and filtermedia technology are used for the production of customer-tailored filter elements made of synthetic- or metal wire
    meshes. Tried-and tested sewing systems and the latest developments in adhesion- and welding technology are applied to produce round, angular, cylindrical or conical screen- and filtration components.
    The fabrics can be thermionically cut, edged with PUR or fitted with eyes. Screen- and filter cloths made of all weavable metal wires or synthetic filaments. For modern indoor architecture, exhibition stand design or for the use as film- and photo backdrops the fabrics are fitted to the most diverse of frame shapes. So remarkable lighting effects can be achieved.

    • Screen tensioning service
    This service includes the re-equipment of used frames with screening meshes as well as the supply of new screening frames for all makes of sifting machines. Our fabrics are pneumatically tensioned in both the warp and the weft bevor they are fitted to the frames. So the openings of the tensioned meshes achieve an even, quadratic shape what leads up to increasing throughputs per hour. Our adhesives can be conformed to the customers screening product or the operating conditions.

    • Contract-processing - grinding-screening-separating-mixing-packing
    Bückmann offers his processing facilities as a subcontract-partner. All plants are managed exclusively by experienced engineers. All those machine components and units which might affect product quality are made of stainless steel, so that they can be cleaned rapidly and without leaving any residue. Thanks to our fully enclosed plant engineering contamination is a virtual impossibility.

    • Process enginering
    Bückmann supplies air separators and entire separation plants. Large scale testing at production level in our laboratory ensures that the plants can be tailored to the specific needs of each customer. They are used for the preparation of:
    - tea, spices, dried vegetables, crushed hazelnuts
    - pesticides (pellets), fertilizers, plastic granulates etc.
    - used tires, cd-granulates, road vehicle plastics, shredded light-weight plastics etc.
    - wood chips, sawdust
    - filter sands, shooting ranges

    It is possible to separate light from heavy or small from big particles or just to remove unwanted impurities and debris.

    For more information, please visit:ückmann.htm
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