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    AccuRate®, a manufacturer of precision bulk solids weighing and feeding equipment will be displaying a variety of its products at the 2004 International Powder and Bulk Solids Show. Products to be displayed include the award winning MECHATRON® feeders, SolidsFlow® Streamout and USDA accepted feeders, the legendary Tuf-Flex™ Series Feeders, and the uniquely designed DG-2000™ Group Manager Controller.


    The revolutionary MECHATRON® family of feeders offer a superior feeder design that makes so much sense it could obsolete all others, but also brings you automation features that drastically reduce capital investment and installation costs.

    MECHATRON® feeders feature "Mechatronics," a design philosophy used to describe the total integration of mechanics and electronics. Motors and all control requirements are integrated and pre-wired in the feeder so that commissioning is accomplished by simply bringing power and communications to the unit.

    All MECHATRON® feeders allow the user to disassemble, clean, reconfigure, and service from the non-process side of the feeder. The feeders are perfectly suited for a wide range of volumetric and gravimetric minor ingredient feeding applications involving food, pharmaceutical, chemical, and plastic materials.

    A new member of the MECHATRON® feeder family is the MC USDA/3-A feeder. The feeder was designed specifically for use in the food, dairy, and pharmaceutical industries where equipment and processes must meet 3-A dairy sanitary levels. This new feeder as well as the MC, LS, and HC MECHATRON® models will be on display at the Powder and Bulk Solids Show.


    No moving parts, no flow-aid devices and the ability to volumetrically or gravimetrically meter abrasives, friables and even stranded fiberglass are just some of the reasons we invite you to take a closer look at our SolidsFlow® feeder line.

    On display will be the SolidsFlow® Model 5000 Streamout Feeder, that delivers a controlled, curtain-like uniform flow across feed tray outlets available in widths up to 72 inches. The Streamout feeder is popular with snack food producers and bakeries that need to continuously and uniformly spread salt, powdered sugar, powdered cheese or some other dry spice over another conveyed product.

    Also on display will be the new SolidsFlow® USDA Accepted Model 2000 feeder. The feeder was designed to meet the sanitary needs of food, dairy, and pharmaceutical processors. All welds, radii, seals, surface finishes, gaskets, contact and non-contact materials were reviewed and specified as directed by USDA inspectors.

    This mass flow feeder is designed utilizing louvered vibratory feeding technology. Each feeder utilizes a vibrating drive and tray frame, which contains a removable feed tray. Material flow stops under the action of the angle of repose of the product. With no moving parts, the Model 2000 requires little maintenance.

    The USDA SolidsFlow® feeder will be operating at the show demonstrating its ability to batch a variety of food and pharmaceutical type products for intermediate bulk packaging applications.


    In most every industry worldwide, from chemicals to food, plastics, pharmaceuticals and countless others, you'll find AccuRate® volumetric feeders at work, metering fine powders, flakes, granules, chips, fibers, pellets and anything else imaginable.

    Instead of incorporating traditional internal stirring or vibration devices to keep material moving, AccuRate® pioneered the preferred Tuf-Flex™ seamless vinyl hopper, that is externally massaged by two agitation paddles. Material is conditioned to a uniform bulk density, evenly filling the flights of the feed screw, eliminating ratholing and bridging. The result is excellent volumetric accuracy. Volumetric feeding deviations range from +/-0.5% to 3% for most materials.


    The DG-2000™ Group Manager adds graphics, recipe management, trending and touch-screen operation to the DISOCONT® Gravimetric Control Family. Up to 16 gravimetric screw feeders, weighfeeders, solids flow meters or pumps can be graphically configured and monitored using the DISOCONT® compatible, DG-2000™ Group Manager. Software is Windows-based and comes pre-installed on a CP-2 Industrial PC. Feed rates, hopper levels, material usage and operating status are all displayed. You can also view more detailed information such as performance graphs or recipe/formula configurations.

    For more information, please visit:
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