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Thread: POWTECH 2004: EDELMANN Systemverpackung

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    POWTECH 2004: EDELMANN Systemverpackung

    Stand 10-437

    Dangerous Goods in Cardboard Packaging with Single Licence

    For filling goods with difficult characteristics the packaging has to be multifunctional.

    Besides the presentation of the product, the information of the contents, the transit protection, it has to fullfill legal instructions, especially in packing dangerous goods.

    EDELMANN Systemverpackung GmbH in Wuppertal and Heidenheim have developed folding boxes with a glued inner liner, in which products (solid matters) classified as dangerous in groupe I, II and III can be packed without any problem(s).

    The BAM = Bundesamt für Materialprüfung und –forschung (Department of the Federal Republic of Germany for testing and research of material) in Berlin grant under registration No. 9205/4G a type of many packaging formats / sizes with a weight up to 1.2 kg.

    Furthermore these primary packs made of cartonboard are licensed up to 6 kg brut. In this special case it is a matter of licenses for primary and single packaging and not – as usual until now – a matter of several small packagages packed into a larger one with this licence only.

    In this connection there are a lot of advantages compared to other packaging mediums (i.e. cans, buckets etc.):

    • logistical advantages: flat delivery of the empty packages

    • ecologically beneficial: very easy to empty, material made of 80 % of waste paper

    • handling: easy to open and to re-close

    • easy to apply: with an integrated insert in the folding box, which can be separated from the filling material / product

    The folding box CEBOX with integrated composite foil is a primary pack and consists out of two materials: the outer cartonboard and the inner liner foil.
    The outer cartonboard depends on the filling weight, cartonboard Chromoduplex or laminated E-flute can be used.

    Printed in a superior quality and varnished, the packaging represents the product in perfect manner.

    The inner foil will be choosen corresponding to the specific attributes of the product, whether it is a matter of poisonous or aggressive pesticide, hygroscopic or pungent smelling products.

    We can offer several different qualitites of inner foil as for instance: Paper / PE, ALU /PE or PET / PE to produce the best possible packaging for each product.

    The packaging can be erected by hand, for small editions, also by support of semi or fully automatical filling machine, which can also be supplied from our company.

    The packaging machine erects automatically the folding boxes, seals and folds the inner liner and glues the carton flaps. It depends on the form of the product (powder or granulate) whether auger dosing – machines with dosing before and behind the filling or filling balances will be used. After the filling process the flaps of the above closure of the folding boxes will be sealed, folded and glued.

    Product information can be addedby an additional insert. Especially in the chemical industry there is the big problem to accomodate more and more text onto the original package as for instance legal indications of the different countries of destination and sizes of type face cannot be scaled down optionally.

    EDELMANN Systemverpackung (ESV) in Wuppertal developed a procedure for this packaging of dangerous goods where a folded package insert will be placed between the cartonboard and the inner liner, however, separated from the contents. A special opening guarantees the user to find this insert very easily.

    Packaging in square form versus round form

    The folding box CEBOX with inner liner is a real alternative to round or other packs made of plastic material or metal in comparing the advantages:

    • about 20 % more packages per pallet
    • full usage of each pallet – size by modular formats
    • saving costs for transport and storing of the empty packs and the final product
    • easy disposal of the empty folding boxes.

    The CEBOX folding box with inner liner as primary packaging with single licences for dangerous goods will become more and more important in the future, as more companies of the chemical industry will use this method licensed as single packaging for their products.

    For more information, please visit:
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