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Thread: How to Draw KN Lines

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    How to Draw KN Lines

    Hello Everyone!

    Anyone know how to draw KN Curves for ship charts?

    Thank for your time!
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    Static Stability Calculation

    If you are still there, see YouTube.
    There's the usual naval architectural arrogance which elaborates between static, statical & stability which all mean the same.
    John Gateley

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    Teus Tuinenburg

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    Ship’s stability is sub divided in static stability and dynamic stability.
    Stability is a very sophisticated part of naval architecture and has, among other subjects, to do with safety at sea.
    A Naval Architect, who has the (mathematical) knowledge of ship’s stability, structural strength, flow dynamics, behavior in waves, has a right to be a little arrogant, although he is free not to be arrogant.
    Aren’t all experts in their field not a bit arrogant?

    (I have a naval education and experience on a river Rhine barge and pusher/tug design)

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