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Thread: POWTECH 2004: NETZSCH-Feinmahltechnik

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    POWTECH 2004: NETZSCH-Feinmahltechnik

    Stand 7-430

    Inline-Disperser Psi-MixTM

    Starting from the fundamental idea to wet finely dispersed powders in a large liquid surface, the revolutionary Inline Disperser Psi-MixTM was developed by NETZSCH-Feinmahltechnik GmbH.

    With the new Inline Disperser, fine homogeneous dispersions with an exactly reproducible quality can be produced within a controlled process. The extremely effective and high-quality pre-dispersion of the solid improves the wetting of the particles and enables unmatched operation of the machine at highest production rates. An outstanding characteristic of the Psi-MixTM is the dust and emission-free dispersion that takes place in an enclosed process chamber.

    Compared to conventional rotor-stator-systems, this machine needs significantly less energy for dispersing and distinguishes itself by a low interference towards foreign bodies in the pigment suspension. Both temperature sensitive products and materials with a wide viscosity range can be processed. The Psi-MixTM is the predestinated machine for the integration in automated plants and for processing large batches especially in emission-critical or explosion-proof fields.

    For more information, please visit:
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