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Thread: POWTECH 2004: Döscher & Döscher

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    POWTECH 2004: Döscher & Döscher

    Stand 10-623

    Innovative Moisture and Density Measurement

    At the Powtech trade fair, Döscher & Döscher will be presenting innovative solutions for industrial moisture and density measurement. Systems have found numerous applications in the bulk industry, enabling precise and continuous measurements during the entire production process.

    The two parameter microwave resonance technology (2PMR) developed by Döscher & Döscher allows to determine moisture and density content of a given material independently. 2PMR makes use of the correlation between water molecules and an electromagnetic field. If such a field is produced inside a probe, only the water molecules, which are small and strong dipoles, can adjust their positive and negative ends according to the alternating field. The energy needed for this adjustment is drawn from the electromagnetic field. The resulting energy loss is recorded and constitutes the first parameter. The second parameter is determined by a comparison of the propagation speed of electromagnetic waves in the empty and product-filled probe. The sample constitutes – depending on its density – a higher resistance than the surrounding air and reduces the propagation speed of waves respectively. The analysis of separate parameters allows to detect moisture and density independently and makes constant filling of the probe unnecessary, thus enabling continuous measurements. The common difference between core and surface moisture in particular is completely balanced in results as microwaves permeate the entire product.

    For the latest generation of measuring systems, the well-known method of a reference measuring section for compensation of environmental influences was for the first time applied to microwave-based moisture measurement technology. A modified patent pending probe structure with integrated reference resonator maximises reliability and fulfils highest requirements for long-time stability and reproducibility. Particularly where product temperatures are extreme, such as behind dryers or ovens, and where precise measurements so far used to be difficult, measuring systems can now be applied without any difficulties. Further secondary parameters such as colour, surface structure, salt or mineral content, which commonly pose problems to other technologies, are also irrelevant to Döscher & Döscher’s systems.

    Modern communication technology allows remote measurements. If required, maintenance work and adjustments can be carried out online by the manufacturer. Their robust construction makes systems particularly suitable for industrial production. The probe, which is free from mechanical components, is wear-free and insensitive to contamination, thus enabling trouble-free process control. Maintenance and adjustment cost are thus minimised while precision and reliability are ensured.

    For more information, please visit:
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