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Thread: Need "Sock" Supplier

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    engineerdave Guest

    Need "sock" supplier

    I need to find a supplier of flexible fabric "socks" that we use to connect our load-cell-mounted hoppers to the barrels we're filling. It's a simple item but my internet searches haven't yielded anything similar.

    The sock is basically an 8" tube with flanges sown to each end. Each flange has an 11" bolt circle. The material is some kind of resin impregnated fabric. This is a room temperature, low pressure application. The sock just needs to be air tight and flexible.

    If anyone knows of a supplier or a more accurate term to help refine my search, please respond!

  2. Found the website and the toll-free phone 800-864-7525

    There is a small company in Cypress Texas called “No Dust Filtration Products” who make all kinds of custom socks and sleeves. Their quality & service is great and their prices are reasonable. The number is (281) 373-5755 and the contact is Jeff Rowe.

    Delmar Schmidt
    Melfi Technologies Houston
    Phone 281-298-8398
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    engineerdave Guest

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    Thanks so much! I'll give them a call.


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