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Thread: POWTECH 2004: Messer Griesheim

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    POWTECH 2004: Messer Griesheim

    Stand 7-449

    Cryogen® grinding and classification now also possible with unvulcanized rubber

    Messer’s cryogenic grinding facility offers customers the latest developments in production processes, trial grinding and comprehensive analyses

    In order to be further processed or utilized, many materials have to be in powdered form. Due to their toughness and elasticity, materials such as thermoplastics, elastomers, waxes, paint additives, as well as various metals and spices cannot be ground in a simple fashion. This is an area in which cryogenic grinding can be of assistance. Since 1974, Messer has been operating a cryogenic grinding facility in the German city of Krefeld, where trial grindings up to a scale of tons can be carried out for its customers. The results produced here can be applied to large-scale production. The parameters used during grinding and the results, such as profitability and scale-up studies, are all documented in a database containing the results of thousands of materials tests.

    In the cryogenic grinding facility, the materials are generally ground to an extremely high fineness through the use of liquid nitrogen. To achieve this, the mills are equipped with, among other things, nitrogen cooling units, control devices and nitrogen volumeters. There is a well equipped laboratory for purposes of evaluating the results of trial grindings.

    When using unvulcanized rubber, the material to be ground is often difficult to classify due to its high activity. Even with the addition of a separating agent there is normally some clumping on the sieve plane. In order to avoid this, Messer now employs a process (patent pending) for the cryogenic grinding and classifying of unvulcanized rubber. During this process the product is chilled with nitrogen before, during and after grinding as well as during sieving. The result is free-flowing and, due to this, siftable rubber.

    For more information, please visit:

    Gryogenic Grinding Facility in Krefeld
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