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Thread: POWTECH 2004: GEL-Verfahrenstechnik

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    POWTECH 2004: GEL-Verfahrenstechnik

    Stand 7-537

    Annular Clearance Dosing Cone Closure Type RKV

    • for powders, granular materials, bulk goods
    • for volumetric or gravimetric dosage
    • to support material discharge and aeration
    • for installation in bag, BIG BAG, container, or silo discharge systems

    The Job:
    Intelligent discharge and dosing systems for powders and bulk materials are an important part of process engineering plants. For a smooth run of processes, however, continuous material feeding is imperative.
    Among other things, even critical bulk goods being difficult to handle (e.g. wearing, cohesive, or hygroscopic powders) must be dosed properly and over long periods.

    The Benefits:
    In connection with batch processing out of containers, IBCs, or BIG BAGs, the annular clearance dosing cone closure RKV... offers considerable benefits:

    * The oscillating cone breaks up bridgings and prevents material separation.
    * The variable lift and oscillation frequency ensure high dosing accuracy.
    * easy cleaning, low maintenance requirements
    * Can be installed in containers, silos, and BIG BAGs.
    * In non-pressurized condition the cone is closed.
    * 5 models available for cone diameters of 100, 150, 200, 250, and 300 mm
    * steel, plastic, or stainless steel construction
    * explosion-proof due to pneumatic drive and control
    * easy to handle

    Small Component Automation:
    The RKV containers, boxes, or exchangeable BIG BAG cassettes help to realize individual bulk automation concepts, from small component dosing plants to fully automatic logistic systems.
    The cone valve container type KVC... is a safe bin made of PE plastic material, steel, or stainless steel complying with the hygienic requirements in the chemical, plastics, and food industry as well as pharmaceutics. The integrated RKV... allows accurate dosage of bulk materials according to the requested quantities. Both wet and dry cleaning is possible. The volumes and basic dimensions are variably adjusted also to pallet dimensions.

    Efficient Bulk Dosage out of Containers or BIG BAGs:
    With the help of RKV... the above mentioned system can dose up to 12 different bulk materials directly out of containers or exchangeable BIG BAG cassettes. In doing so, batches up to 900 kg in exchangeable containers positioned on a self-propelled weighing device are automatically dosed via the exchangeable BIG BAG cassettes or containers located above. A complete mixture consisting of up to 6 different components is provided within 60 minutes, assuring high dosing accuracy. The containers and exchangeable BIG BAG cassettes are transported by fork lifts. The exchangeable BIG BAG cassettes together with the RKV... dosing feeder ensure fully automatic and contamination-free discharge without any residues. During the process of dosing, the RKV... automatically adapts to the different bulk flowing characteristics.
    The self-sufficient plant control is connected to a process management system. For quality assurance, all the components are detected and identified – wrong operations are thus excluded.
    Our inhouse technical lab allows to check and verify that the systems are suitable for customized applications.

    For more information, please visit:

    RKV 350/250-BZL with pneumatic control and gravimetric dosage
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