This is a common complaint on new and old vibrating screen installations. The question is WHY? Why does my structure vibrate? my handrails shake back and forth and or fall off or break off?

Probable Cause:

Screen out of balance - Possible fix is: Check built up static wgt on the vibrating body, clear off and reduce the INBALANCE situation. Check that weights on each flywheel are equal on both sides. If one flys off or falls off - replace IMMEDIATELY.

SHIPPING BLOCKS NOT REMOVED: - Possible fix is: Remove blocks and this makes the floating body FIXED and creates an imbalanced vibration.

INSUFFICIENT clearance between screen and structure or material buildup: Possible Fix is: provide adequate clearance (typically 2-3") by the rules all around the full vibrating body and the fixed structure. REMOVE built up material around floating body to ELIMINATE the interference fit with the vibrating body of the screen and the stationary structure. Eliminate poor housekeeping around the vibrating body. Preventive vs reactive maintenance.

George Baker - Moderator