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Thread: POWTECH 2004: Steinert / Hamos

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    POWTECH 2004: Steinert / Hamos

    Stand 7-418

    Expert team together on fair!

    For the first time STEINERT presents itself on this year´s POWTECH with a partner: HAMOS GmbH with its core competence in the field of electrostatic separation – which forms an ideal complement to the Cologne company, the technology and market leader in metalseparation. This joint presentation offers the customers an opportunity to discuss - in just one booth - a wide range of solutions to their questions concerning separation.

    On the trade fair itself STEINERT shows the newest version of the high gradient magnetic separator HGS. Its field of application: the treatment of dry material such as kaolin, feldspar, sand or even limestone. The STEINERT HGS offers now an optimum solution: it separates efficiently and economically different finely grained raw materials – even under extreme conditions.

    The core of the HGS is an especially constructed neodymium magnetic role; it is provided with the strongest permanent magnets that are presently available for industrial applications. Its special design makes it possible to generate extremely high field gradients in the area of the belt surface. This is a guarantee for the separation of all desired particles from the flow of weakly magnetizable to paramagnetic material. Due to its open working condition, grain sizes of approx. 10 mm (0.04") to very fine grains may be treated.

    In order to achieve an optimum separation performance, working widths of 500 to 1500 mm (19.7" to 59.1") are available; in addition, the velocity of the belt may be adjusted individually. As is the case with all STEINERT equipment, the HGS is manufactured only with high-quality material, and a perfect finish and easy handling for example in the removal and replacement of belts are guaranteed – a very advanced construction!

    Apart from the trade fair itself, STEINERT uses the frame programme of the "PARTECH" to inform about its innovations. Main subject: the high gradient magnetic filter (HGF).

    The HGF filters reliably solid particles from process liquids – and may also be used as an optimum protection for the sensitive membranes applied in ultrafiltration systems. Its main features: grain sizes down to 1 µm (0.00004") may be separated – at a constantly high performance with an output of more than a 90%.

    An HGF with a working length of 50 centimetres (19.7 inch) filters up to 160 cubic metres (5600 cubic feet) of liquid per hour – this quantity cannot be achieved by any comparable equipment offered by competitors nor with this constantly high performance. With the selection of larger types, the throughput may even be multiplied by four.

    The perfect complement to the high gradient magnetic filter forms the wet drum separator NTS: it concentrates the liquid preconcentrate resulting from the HGF to create a solid sludge. As regards throughput and grain size separation, both products are adjusted to one another: they both work in a range of down to 1 micrometer (0.00004 inch).

    For more information, please visit:
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