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    The Austrian plant engineering and construction company AMMAG is specialised on spray granulation and bulk material handling (conveying, silos, big bags, dosing and weighing). Own test plants in lab and pilot scale are used to test all process steps and to develop new products together with the customers. Toll manufacturing of these joint developments is possible, too.

    AMMAG has developed and constructed a novel system of a fluidised bed granulator with integrated secondary dryer.

    The novel AMMAG granulator A-WT/combi is a three stage countercurrently operating granulator for slurries and other liquids. It is applied whenever a product needs to be granulated and requires very low final moisture contents and a single granulation and drying step is not sufficient.

    The outstanding advantage of the process is the use of the exhaust air of the post dryer in the granulation zone. This avoids many costs for both, investments and operation. Some of these advantages are:
    - The dust in the exhaust air of the post dryer is led back directly into the granulation zone. No extra filters are needed.
    - The energetic efficiency is significantly increased.
    - No bulk material handling is needed between the two fluidised beds.

    In addition to this, the erection plan exhibits various constructive benefits, leading to a very compact system, which can be extended easily in a modular way.

    Systems can be provided in sizes from A-WT-43 to A-WT-280 with capacities from 20 kgs/hr to 2000 kgs/hr depending on the characteristics of the product. Ammag’s state of the art laboratory and engineering group can determine the optimum size for any application.

    For more information, please visit:

    The figure shows a turnkey plant with two A-WT/combi as core pieces with multi-kiloton per year capability. Engineering, production, and start-up by AMMAG
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