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Thread: Information on Dust Control Equipment

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    AJNicholson Guest

    Seeking information on dust control equipment

    I am seeking cost and performance information on systems and equipment to suppress fugitive dust in an existing phosphate rock export shipping terminal. I anticipate the addition of multiple filter systems, containment buildings for truck dumping, conveyor system improvements, a new rail discharge facility for rock moving to storage from the mines, and some way to suppress dust being generated in the ship holds as the rock is loaded to the ships. I am also curious if there are any chemical dust control systems available that will not degrade the exported product.

    This is a large operation with a capacity to export 7 million metric tons per year that has serious dust problems for a variety of reasons. I am looking for a company that would be interested in providing me the information I need to plan and cost out a series of alternatives for dust control at this facility. I anticipate needing large filter systems, conveyor scavenging systems, methods to enclose existing conveyors, new buildings and dust collection systems for truck dumping to feed the storage facilities, a new building and dust collection system for rail deliveries to the facility, and a dust control system at the ships as the rock is discharged to the holds. Also, the existing filters are passing through far too much dust. The facility also needs ground sweeping equipment and paving. Most conveyors are either 1,000 mtph or 2,200 mtph.

    My goal is to set forth a plan of improvements that can be implemented item by item over a 2-year period to gain adequate control over the dust. I am asking equipment and system manufacturers to contact me and provide information on their equipment, including specifications, performance, capacity, maintenance requirements, etc. Ultimately, I expect to be making recommendations as to the quantities, sizes, and types of equipment to be purchased as well as developing the specifications for equipment that is acceptable.

    I can provide any interested company with details on fines present in the product, quantities being shipped, existing conditions at the site, and photographs of the existing problem areas. I have a list of the specific problem areas and a preliminary idea of what generally needs to be done. Companies providing planning level cost and capacity data now will not be prohibited from later bidding for the work. Ultimately, I anticipate an international tender will be undertaken.

    If you are interested, please contact me immediately at:
    912-790-0123 (USA)

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    AJNicholson Guest

    Thank you

    I would like to thank all those persons and companies who took the time to contact me and provide information on their capabilities in dust control. The information received has been used in a report to the client that contains recommendations for proceeding with the project. The report is now complete, so no further direct contacts are requested. I would not be able to include additional information at this point.

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