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Thread: POWTECH 2004: Dr. Hans Boekels

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    POWTECH 2004: Dr. Hans Boekels

    Stand 10-427

    New Metal Detection Technology for Products in Aluminum Packages

    Boekels “OBSERVER” 25/35

    Conventional detectors that operate on the basis of electromagnetic alternating fields bump up against their limits when they encounter packaging, or parts of packaging, made of aluminum. Tests using X-rays are expensive and require elaborate safety measures to ensure protection against radiation.

    For the OBSERVER metal detector from BOEKELS, the composite packaging of chips or ready-to-eat meals, aluminum lids on yogurt, and blister packages of tablets are no problem at all. Because aluminum does not have any magnetic properties, it is practically “transparent” for this metal detector. The OBSERVER is also impervious to interference, such as that caused by the product to be examined and by metal parts in the surrounding environment. This is possible by the metal detector’s specific calculating operations that eliminate noise or stray fields in the signals received by the highly sensitive built-in sensors. This sensor technology and specific evaluation electronics are the specialties of BOEKELS (Aachen, Germany) and STL GmbH (Constance, Germany), which jointly developed the OBSERVER and signed a framework delivery agreement.

    Besides testing aluminum-packaged products in the food and pharmaceutical industries, further applications for the OBSERVER metal detector include detection of product flow in stainless steel pipes.

    The OBSERVER metal detector not only serves the needs of consumer safety, but can also indicate defects in machinery well ahead of time, such as loose parts, before they can do any real damage. It can even detect stainless steel particles, such as AISI 304, under certain circumstances. As a result, the OBSERVER metal detector offers technology that is unique throughout the world!

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