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Thread: POWTECH 2004: Sympatec GmbH

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    POWTECH 2004: Sympatec GmbH

    Stand 7-252

    SYMPATEC presents innovative particle size analysis instruments on its booth.

    Sympatec offer new and established methods for particle size analysis such as laser diffraction (LD), ultrasonic extinction (USE), image analysis (IA) and photon cross correlation spectroscopy (PCCS) adapted to specific needs and requests of the customers to suit their products’ need and comply with various lab and process conditions.

    Available on display are high quality instruments for in-, on-, at- and off-line application that provide optimum solutions:

    • HELOS, the proven laser diffraction sensor of modular design, covering particle diameters from 0.1 µm up to 8750 µm, is available with a large range of established and new modules of dispersing units. The high level of automation allows fast and simple analysis of dry powders, suspensions, emulsion, sprays, MDIs and DPIs. Automatic switch over between dry and wet dispersing modules is available with the OASIS.

    • the MYTOS product family is specially designed for in- and on-line application directly in a process pipe Due to identical modules with the HELOS sensor family, fully coherent results generate from lab and line applications. In combination with new probes and couplers of the TWISTER range of representative in-line sampler devices, MYTOS is a fully-fledged in- and on-line particle size analysis system.

    • the application of the well established in- and on-line probe OPUS based on USE for industrial and process installations covering a particle size range from 0.01 µm to 3000µm in suspensions and emulsions of high concentrations (typ. 1 – 70 % vol ) has been extended with the off-line sensor NIMBUS for PSA in the lab.

    • NANOPHOX, a brand new instruments for measurements of turbid, undiluted suspensions and emulsions in the nanometre range from1 – 10000 nm. It applies the unique PCCS technology, which in addition to size provides the determination of stability parameters for suspensions and emulsions.
    V QICIPC, the recently developed analysis system for particle size (diameters from1 – 10000µm) and shape analysis, which combines real high speed imaging of up to 500 frames per second with the proven dry powder dispersers RODOS and GRADIS.

    For more information, please visit:
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