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    K-Tron America

    Booth 1107

    K-Tron Introduces Patented Bulk Solids Pump Feeding Technology to
    North American Market at the 2004 International Powder and Bulk Show

    K-Tron Booth #1107 Includes 11 Product Demo Stations

    PITMAN, NJ (January 19, 2004)—The K-Tron Feeder Group, will introduce four new products plus other solutions designed to help material handling processors achieve new levels of short-term feeding accuracy. The booth will feature eleven product demonstration stations, each designed to serve the specific needs of processors.

    Bulk Solids Pump
    K-Tron will introduce the NEW patented Bulk Solids Pump (BSP) to the North American market at the show. This revolutionary patented design has been specifically engineered to provide gentle, precise feeding of free-flowing pellets, granules, flakes, powders and friable products utilizing a principle called positive displacement feeding. The BSP feeders do not use the usual screws/augers, belts or vibratory trays to convey the material. Instead, they incorporate vertical rotating discs that create a product lock-up zone, conveying the material smoothly from storage hopper to discharge outlet, achieving true linear mass flow, producing excellent linearity and breakthrough accuracy levels. Loss-in-Weight, Volumetric and D-Scale demonstrations will be on exhibited at the show.

    KT12 Micro Feeder
    The NEW KT12 Micro Feeder, designed for processors requiring feed rates as low as 20 grams/hour will be on display. With loss-in-weight and volumetric models available for continuous batch operations, this compact feeder is designed for ease of disassembly, allowing fast and easy cleaning. The feeder design also allows the feeder bowl to discharge almost completely when emptying, leaving minimal amounts of residual material. The KT12 can be configured for either standard industrial or sanitary pharmaceutical applications. Typical applications for the micro feeder include feeding jet mills, tablet presses, continuous pharmaceutical extrusion processes and any application where expensive micro ingredients require accurate feeding.

    K-Tron Gain-in-Weight Batching System
    Also on display, The NEW KGIW Gain-in-Weight batching system. The KGIW offers a full-featured user friendly interface for single station control involving up to 8 components and 100 recipes. This custom engineered batching solution is the preferred choice for flexible and economical batch preparation in applications involving multiple ingredients. Incorporating several system elements, each batch component of the KGIW station is sequentially and independently metered to a weigh collection hopper from which the completed batch is discharged. Any of K-Tron’s feeders can be employed as demanded by their ingredient characteristic.

    K4G – The Next Generation in Gravimetric Blenders
    The NEW K4G, like the K2G, is designed as a complete package for plastics compounding and other extrusion applications with one to eight feeder modules. Key new features offered with the K4G system are the incorporation of the new K-Tron Bulk Solids Pump (BSP) feeder, the option of selecting from four different types of feeders to be incorporated into the blender system — vastly extending the range of materials and feed rates to be handled by one blending system, a blender stand design that allows the rearrangement of any of these four types of feeders at any feeder station, utilization of K-Tron’s next generation of weighing technology-- the SFT III, a compact blender frame with integrated support for vacuum refill systems and utilization of K-Tron newest feeder controllers, the Smart HiPo controller (KSHM) and the Smart Stepper Controller (KSSM) for BSP feeders..

    Quick Change / Quick Clean T35/S60
    K-Tron will display the K-Tron Quick Change/ Quick Clean T35/S60 at the show. First designed with the needs of the Masterbatch industry in mind, this feeder allows the customer to quickly change from a single screw S60 screw configuration to a twin screw T35 screw configuration as material needs change, ideal for short customized runs. The feeder comes with two bowl/ screw sets that mount to the same gearbox and can be cleaned and swapped out in minutes.
    K-Tron’s new Shear Hopper, an alternative to traditional vertical agitation, will also be exhibited mounted on the Quick Change feeder.

    K-Tron Hurricane -
    The newly expanded line of Hurricane vacuum conveyors will also be showcased. In addition to the traditional M-series, based on the dual cyclone technology, K-Tron will exhibit the P-series for tough to handle powders. The P-Series includes the P10, P30 and P100, each designed to convey powder and bulk materials at varying rates as related to the material type.

    Smart Force Transducer III Demonstration– Single vs. Dual Wire Technology
    The SFT III is the latest incarnation in a 30-year evolution of digital sensors. The SFT III marks the sixth generation of digital weighing technology using a single vibrating wire that is characterized by significant advancements over vibrating dual-wire technology in all aspects of performance including resolution, stability, data communications and networking, vibration immunity, as well as mechanical simplicity, reliability and robustness.

    Patented Screw Speed Modulation Demonstration
    K-Tron will also be demonstrating the award winning “Screw Speed Modulation algorithm,” that smoothes the material pulsation that often occurs on single screw feeders at low rates. The screw speed modulation algorithm, a first in the industry, produces increased accuracy at low feed rates (below 60 screw rpm) by recording the periodical pulsation and adjusting the screw speed to compensate. K-Tron’s unique Smart Force Transducer (SFT) digital weighing system provides the technology key to this advanced control algorithm. Processors feeding critical additives at low rates will find improved short-term accuracy up to a factor of two, at 2-Sigma accuracy, for a measuring time up to 10 seconds, when feeding at low rates (screw speed < 1 screw rotation per second).

    Smart Weigh Belt
    K-Tron will display the SWB300, a Smart Weigh Belt feeder designed for gravimetric feeding at higher feed rates, used in applications where low headroom is a problem. Especially at high feed rates, a weigh belt feeder offers lower initial cost than a loss-in-weight feeder with equal throughput. K-Tron has several models available, feeding materials such as free-flowing pellets, powders, fibers and friable materials.

    For more information, please visit:

    The new Bulk Solids Pump
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