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Thread: POWTECH 2004: Palas® GmbH

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    POWTECH 2004: Palas® GmbH

    Stand 11-303

    The Palas GmbH, manufacturer of filter testers, Aerosol generators, particle measuring systems and dilution systems will present the innovative white-light aerosol spectrometer welas®-system.

    The high-resolution particle measuring device measures particle size and quantity with the world’s smallest sensor. The innovative technology and the patented T-aperture-technique of the welas®-system allow for the first time unique and reliable aerosol measurements in particle size ranges from 180 nm to 40 mm (type welas® 1100).

    welas® measures particle size and quantity in high concentrations, practically without border-zone-error. Furthermore, the new optical measurement volume and the new signal processing make it possible to detect coincidences.
    Therefore the aerosol spectrometer welas® received a recognition within the scope of the Innovation Award 2003 of the State of Baden-Württemberg (Dr.-Rudolf-Eberle-Award).

    The practical measuring device now makes it easy to measure at places that have been difficult to access so far, such as rooms with explosion hazard. Even particle measurements in atmospheres of –90° C are possible with this device.

    The sensor is supplied with white light. Measured data are sent through an optical fibre cable to the evaluation unit. The evaluation unit may be far away from the sensor. Distances of up to 300m are possible.

    Furthermore, there are multiple features optionally available (resistant against aggressive media, heatable up to 120 °C, measurements in over-pressure up to 10 bar, calibration curve for different refractive indices, high-resolution measurement down to the millisecond range. New: Supply and evaluation unit can be connected to an evaluation computer over the internet or a network!)

    The welas®-system is recommended as particle measuring device for filter tests. Its technical features lead to very reliable results in the test of the most different kind of filters, such as car interior intake filters, gas turbine filters, filters for vacuum cleaners, complete vacuum cleaners, or filter tests according to ASHRAE. This new system is now included in most of the filter testers made by Palas®.

    For more information, please visit:
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