BEHN+BATES is a well established manufacturer of filling machines for the filling of different bulk products into valve bags (e.g. 25 kg), open mouth bags or big bags. You will find more information about our delivery program on

We have the experience of more than 70 years and sell our machines to customers in the food industries over the whole world. Now we intend to expand our business in several countries.

The typical products for our machines are:
- starch
- soj protein
- sugar
- flour
- cacao powder
- citric acid
- etc.

We are seeking new representatives in different countries in
- Africa
- Middle East

These representatives should be well introduced in the food industries.

So if any company or person like to be our representatives, please don't hesitate to contact us. If you are not interested but know other companies we would be glad if you will inform us .

Best regards

Ruediger Gerarts

telephone: ++ 49 / 251 / 9796-261
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