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Thread: POWTECH 2004: Pallmann Maschinenfabrik

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    POWTECH 2004: Pallmann Maschinenfabrik

    Stand 7-539

    Contra-Selector Mill PPS and PPSR
    - Pulverizing of greasy, sticky and moist products-

    It is often difficult or even impossible to pulverize greasy, sticky and moist products like e.g. press cakes, fish meal, detergents, fertilizers, cellulose ether or spices into a fine powder under ambient condition.

    The PALLMANN Contra-Selector Mill offers the solution to this problem. The main feature of this mill is its rotating screen ring. High centrifugal forces and rotating scrapers prevent the refining track from clogging; even when processing the most problematic products, clogging is effectively prevented.

    The Contra-Selector Mill allows precise fine tuning of the particle size distribution curve to the required optimum by changing the refining elements and the speed of the rotating impeller and refining ring.

    Simultaneous grinding and drying is also possible in a single step operation. Here, the drive energie of the machine and a high air flow through the mill are utilized for the drying prozess.

    The Contra-Selector Mill is a robust, fabricated steel construction and designed for operation around the clock. Housing in wide design or housing jackets which can be heated or cooled are available as well as machines in explosion- pressure- proof design up to 10 bar, in stainless steel and gas-tight design.

    Discharge of the product can be vertically-to-bellow or laterally. This way, the Contra-Selector Mill can be easily integrated into existing installations. Apart from its versatility, the Contra-Selector Mill is in many instances the only mill which can pulverize, very reliably and economically, problematic products to the desired quality.

    There are several production sizes as well as machines for pilot plants available. Test facilities are at your disposal at the manufacturers research – and development center in Zweibrücken.

    For more information, please visit:

    Contra-Selector PPS
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