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    Stand 9-336

    Besides the laboratory grinder LWM NEUHAUS NEOTEC developed the grinder type WMC.

    The grinder type WMC is a the new grinder. With standardised parts it is possible to compose roll grinders for every demand.

    From the processing technique point of view the most important dimensions are:

    Roll diameter - 250 mm

    Roll lengths - 700 mm
    - 1000 mm
    - 1400 mm
    - 1700 mm

    Thus, Neuhaus Neotec will build the grinders in five sizes for respectively different capacities.

    The Feeding

    Two feeders are available, a vibrating feed chute and a roll feeding unit with two feed rolls.

    The feeding unit ensures a uniform feeding over the whole roll length. A continuous product flow is ensured.

    A possibility to observe the product exists and optionally a permanent magnet for separating iron impurities can be installed.

    The grinding section forms a standard unit with the four roll lengths.

    The WMC rolls are manufactured symmetrically so that by turning the rolls all four corrugation combinations are possible.

    Execution of the sections:

    - smooth inner surface
    - no protruding edges
    - bolted design
    - rigid against torsion.

    The grinding gap adjustment is effected manually on the left and on the right. Optionally, the grinding gap can be adjusted centrally via remote control from the switch gear or central control room.

    The rolls can be exchanged locally, without disassembly of the section.

    Gap Setting

    The gap setting can be manually or via remote control by using servo-motors.

    On WMC series the gap setting is fully automatic by means of an electronic shaft adjust-ment where a motor is turning a spindle drive with micrometer thread.

    The gap between the rolls is indirectly measured between the baring housings twice, on the left and on the right side. Remote control is incorporated to the operator panel as well as automated start procedures after a stop under load.

    From approx. 10 mm downwards any desired roll gap can be adjusted. The required screw-down force for the rolls is produced by two special spring assemblies. The elastic force is designed in such a way that the lose roll can await any impurities (e.g. iron parts, stones). Afterwards the pre-adjusted roll gap is readjusted. A stop screw adjusted to a minimum value prevents the rolls from running against each other. The rolls are easy to exchange in the field at the machine.

    For this procedure only the section door has to be opened, the drive universal joint to be disconnected, the rolls housing has to be unlocked and the supporting bracket has to be placed. The complete roll is now easily movable outside on to the support for maintenance.

    The roll grinder WMS-C crush soft, brittle or firmly sticky products, such as:
    SAP, polymer, urea, potash, polyacrylat, phenolic plastics, calcium sulphate, ammonium nitrate, pectine, crushed tablets, ammonium bicarbonate, electronic waste, etc..

    Product tests can be carried out in the NEUHAUS NEOTEC pilot plant.

    For more information, please visit:
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