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Thread: POWTECH 2004: Bolz-Summix

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    POWTECH 2004: Bolz-Summix

    Stand 7-238

    Bolz-Summix is member of the MPE GROUP a holding company of a group of international operating companies with the focus on development, production and selling of high quality installations and components of processing systems and equipment both for liquids and solids. Bolz-Summix engineers, supplies, installs and services conical screw mixers and dryers for powders, including the operating and control systems.

    The comprehensive know-how gained over the years in the development of large-sized conical screw dryers and mixers has been successfully transferred to the manufacturing of laboratory and pilot equipment.

    On-going intensive research and development lay the foundation for continuous innovation. Even where the demands are highly specific, for example with regard to aseptic or explosion-proof characteristics, Bolz-Summix has the answer.

    Conical mixers & dryers
    The Bolz-Summix conical agitated dryers and mixers utilizes the well-proven principle of a rotating screw driven via a radial arm, the result is a three-dimensional mixing action on the product with convection being the dominant force. The drive system has been specially developed and manufactured by Bolz-Summix. The mixing screw driveline is completely independent from the orbit arm transmission. The various technical solutions offer significant advantages for our clients.

    • Mixing & Drying
    • Heating & Cooling
    • Sterilizing & Cooking
    • Addition or injection of liquids
    • De-aeration
    • Vacuum/ Pressure agglomeration
    • Crystallization

    The MPE GROUP companies are:
    • Bolz-Summix, Solids mixing & drying systems
    • Terlet, Process systems & equipment
    • Jongia, Stirring & mixing equipment
    • Van Meurs, Bag-in-box filling systems
    • Techno-G, Solids handling & processing

    For more information, please visit:
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