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Thread: POWTECH 2004: Nordenia Deutschland Emsdetten

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    POWTECH 2004: Nordenia Deutschland Emsdetten

    Stand 10-125

    Pactainer ED® PLUS for Additional Safety

    • The Pactainer ED® PLUS is an electrostatically conductive FIBC of the type „C“ which must be grounded during filling and emptying when exposed to a flammable environment.

    • In addition to the total prevention of not only dangerous electrostatic discharges capable of igniting certain dusts and explosive gas mixtures, the Pactainer ED® PLUS has an inbuild safeguard should proper grounding on the hoisting equipment fail to take place.

    • If the electrostatic build-up, typically generated during the filling and emptying operation is not directed to the ground, this potential which is often of considerable voltage, is at once being dissipated via corona discharge. Such type of discharge as such, is generally considered as non-incendive; but necessitates terminals of a very narrow radius in order to occur. This condition is given by means of fine conductive fibers contained in the lifting belts of the Pactainer ED® PLUS.

    • Owing to the construction of the Pactainer ED® PLUS, the corona discharge is eminated only from the edges of the lifting belts which are mostly attached to the filling or discharge rigs during operation or are located near any grounded metal parts of such hoisting systems. As the positively charged electrones of coronoa discharges are attracted by grounded metal parts rather than by other objects, bystanders remain relatively unaffected by such discharges. Such is not the case with random corona discharge methods for FIBCs where, i.e. a person wearing insulated shoes could be charged via induction and may unwittingly become a charge carrier capable of releasing incendive spark discharges.

    • Due to the interconnection of all components of the Pactainer ED® PLUS, electrostatic charges swiftly find their way to the lifting belts where they are released within seconds.

    For more information please visit:
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