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STAG AG, Switzerland


Solutions in the handling of bulk materials

For more than 50 years now our tried-and-tested products and solutions have proved their worth in day-to-day applications. The outstanding quality of our systems and their technological edge underpin the success we have had with our many satisfied customers.

Our core skills are in the storing, conveying and metering of bulk materials. Each of our high-quality package solutions bears the signature of our own engineers, who have developed tailor-made components and systems for a range of highly diverse process engineering requirements with their day-to-day practicality in mind.

Pneumatic conveying systems
STAG supplies conveying technology for all types of bulk materials applications involving fine and large-grained powders, free flowing or viscous products, transportation over short or long distances, large or small conveying capacities, and standardised or specialist applications.

Two different pneumatic conveying procedures
Whenever pneumatic conveying systems are an option, our customers can choose between two different technologies. The decision is taken on the basis of the individual customer’s requirements and its immediate application . Depending on the situation we either use the tried-and-tested STAG dense phase conveying system with transporters and the unique Dense Flow Pipe System (DFS) or the conventional lean phase conveying systems with injectors and butterfly valves. Either system may be the system of choice and have its respective benefits in the field of application. Often some combination of the two technologies is needed to arrive at an optimal solution.

Investigation of the properties of bulk materials
None of the conveyor systems addressed can be safely discharged without detailed knowledge of the properties of the bulk materials concerned. STAG disposes of decades of experience of projects that have been implemented and of extensive know-how in this field as a result of the findings of its own technical centre.

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Pneumatische Fördersysteme - Fördertechnik für jeden Einsatzbereich

• für feine und grobe Pulver
• frei oder schwer fliessende Produkte
• für lange oder kurze Distanzen
• grosse oder kleine Leistungen
• Standard- oder Spezialanwendungen

Zwei Verfahren von pneumatischen Fördersystemen
Die Auswahl erfolgt nach den Vorgaben der Kunden spezifisch auf die Anwendung bezogen.

• Dichtstromförderung mit Schubsender und dem einmaligen Dense Flow Rohrleitungssystem (DFS) oder
• die konventionelle Dünnstromförderung mit Injektor oder Blasschuh

Beide Systeme haben im jeweiligen Anwendungsgebiet ihre Berechtigung und ihre Vorteile. Oft ist in einem Gesamtkonzept die Kombination beider Systeme notwendig, um eine optimale Systemlösung zu erhalten.


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STAG AG headquarters in Maienfeld GR, Switzerland

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