The Freiberg sampling symposiums are occasions to regularly exchange information about new knowledge, development tendencies and projects in the field of sampling and quality assurance of material systems. The 9th symposium stood under the frame subject ”sampling and quality assurance - tradition and alternative“. In 20 lectures, subjects concerning ”theory and methodology of sampling“, ”standardisation and guideline work“ as well as ”practice of sampling“ were discussed. Numerous posters and firms presentation have been presented. By a visitation of the sorting plant SERO LEIPZIG GmbH, the symposium was finished.

As to ”theory and methodology of sampling“, new approaches for the risk estimation in sampling and instrumental measurement were introduced. In the area of ”standardisation and guideline work“, requirements resulting from the environmental legislation as well as from the demand of the market were discussed in detail. The ”practice of sampling“ has dealt with technology for sampling, sample preparation and measuring using various instruments. Experience in investigation of soils and contaminated sites was presented.
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