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Herbold Meckesheim GmbH represented by Motan Colortronic Limited

Motan Colortronic Limited has now represented Herbold Meckesheim GmbH for 12 years in the UK and Ireland.

During this time, the size reduction and recycling of plastics has changed dramatically.

Our concept of the value of recycling what was once thought of as a throw away item has led to extensive sales of the Herbold Meckesheim product range, including beside the press granulators, shredders, pulverisers and complete recycling of post consumer windows, bottles, WEE electrical waste and other large quantities of plastic waste.

“Regarded as high quality pioneers of granulators and speciality recycling plants world wide, Herbold Meckesheim have built on this reputation by developing many new and patented solutions to suit the ever changing demands of the market” states Karl Miller, Managing Director of Motan Colortronic Limited.

Today in 2013, Motan Colortronic Limited offer Herbold Meckesheim size reduction equipment to suit specific customer requirements along with full testing at the Tech Centre should the need arise.

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