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Thread: POWTECH 2004: Forplex Industrie

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    POWTECH 2004: Forplex Industrie

    Stand 7-435

    The POITTEMILL/FORPLEX group can offer more than 90 years of experience in fine grinding, classifying and micronising in areas such as minerals, chemicals , foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals, etc. A wide range of equipment will be featured including roller mills, jet mills, air classifier mills, attrition mills, universal mills, rotatig sieves and lump breakers.

    Three new items of equipment will be on display. First of these is a CYCLODYN, a cyclone fitted with a very-efficiency classyfying wheel, its purpose is to collect powders with very high yield up to 99% and reduce rejects in back filter. The unit has been designed to be easily cleaned since it is intended for multi-purpose applications in pharmaceutical, food, paint and similar industries. It can be delivered with SIP/CIP devices and a pressure shock –resistant PSR11 version also available.

    The second innovation from POITTEMILL is the PAS-D, an air-classifying mill with a wide chamber to allow flash drying while grinding and classifying. The dryer mill is fed with hot air to allow processing of products with a moisture content above 70%. The design takes into account ease of accessibility, maintenance and cleaning, especially for food and fine chemical applications. Thanks to a newly developed high-efficiency classifying wheel, it can achieve fineness under 30 microns with a very sharp cut.

    The third one concernes the fluidized Bed Air Jet mill BLF with a wide micro-classifying chamber, a new design for the classifying wheel fitted with a high efficiency air seal. It allows to achieve fineness under 5 µm at industrial scale.

    For more information, please visit:
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