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Thread: Conveyor Belt Ice Build-up on Pulleys

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    Conveyor Belt Ice Build-up on Pulleys

    We are a coal mine in wyoming that operates a conveyor belt that is approximately 2 miles long, it is a steel cable belt conveyor and we run ceramic inlaid drive pulleys.

    We are having ice build up issues on the pulleys especially with wet coal. We do not have a belt turn so this accentuates the problem.

    Our operating parameters are from -40 to 90 degrees.

    Has anyone ever used a teflon coat to prevent buildup? Does it work? Does it increase slippage?

    Has anyone ever hear or used a heated pulley?

    Any other ideas would be appreciated.
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  3. Depending on the type of pulley used, in my opinion, heating the pulley is the easier solution.
    Often one doesn't need to remove the pulley to implement the retrofit and if recirculated air is used.
    It is true that de-icing materials are practical solutions but they are also consumables that requires logistics and maintenance.

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  4. Trent,

    As both Gary and Antonio have suggested, de-icing products such as liquidheat are viable. However, Antonio is also correct with his comment about consumables and maintenance issues.

    Using a teflon coating will give you slippage problems, and may give you belt training problems.

    Therefore, heating is your preferred option -- either heating just the drive pulley(s) or the area around it (them). If you can, heating the area around the drive pulley(s) is better.

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